New public release of EH: Concept demo!

As we have just released Act 2 of Emily: Homecoming to patrons, and as I’ve always said, below you’ll find the link to the latest playable version of EH. You might notice there’s not much difference from the concept I previously publicly released. Instead, give me a moment to explain what’s happened regarding development since you last heard from me.

For starters, the game consists of three acts. This demo that we just released is Act 2, simply because it’s perfect as a sort of “mini-comp” style of game where the objective is easy to locate, but might not be that easy to score with. This act (naturally) takes place between act 1 and 3, (the main bulk of the game) and serves as a sort of a break from the main story line.

I can’t emphasize this enough, but the game has progressed a lot since you last saw an update about it, although I don’t post frequently about it anymore. Act 1 is all but complete and takes place in Paris with Victoria, and Act 3 only needs some minor adjustments before release. Basically, what we have here ladies and gentlemen, is a fully fledged sequel to Emily: Sister Attraction. Now, I won’t lie. There’s been a number of setbacks during the development of this game. Actually most of them stem from the fact that Adrift 5 (the engine I use) hasn’t been updated for nearly a year. I can’t, in a comprehensible and summarized matter, explain what this has done to further the development of the game, but this: As things currently stand, and with the way Adrift 5 currently handles tasks, I doubt I will be able to complete the game any time “soon”. “What’s soon?” you might ask? And that is, to put it mildly, a fair question. The truth is I don’t know. The latest update of Adrift 5 screwed up a lot of things in the game, and just putting together this second act with the the first was basically a nightmare.

Anyway, and like always. I’ve tried to balance this game between “hard” and “easy,” meaning it might take you a few tries to get through it, but in the end, I’m sure you will succeed.

This game was made possible thanks to the unbelievable $10 patrons we have sponsoring us at

Here’s the link to where you can find the previously Patreon-only builds of Homecoming:

Keep in mind these concepts were only released to explain Vic’s character a bit more, and the first one only includes a single sex scene and are more than year old. A lot has happened since then.

Until next time,

20 Comments on “New public release of EH: Concept demo!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Do I need to be a patron to view the previous update?

  2. anon1 says:

    File not found

  3. Palmer says:

    Please try again, should work now.

  4. anon1 says:

    expected more after a year but i guess it was not bad

    • Palmer says:

      You mean for Act 1 in Paris? Well that concept is more than a year old and I will probably not release the full act until the game is finished. That concept was published very shortly after the first one, so your expectations might be set a little too high 🙂

  5. LLG says:

    While i had no problem navigating the first Emily-game, i somehow feel very lost on the Paris-part here. Went something like this: “Prepare romantic bath, okay, got it. Huh, guy doesn’t want to leave the house. So i guess candles should be there? Where could they be? Hmm, all the boxes of Victoria are empty. Can’t reach the upper shelf in my walk in, description never mentions a ladder or something. Hmm, cabinets and shelfs seem to contain nothing as there’s no reaction to any examine-command on “products” or “things” (btw. not being a native english speaker doesn’t make this any easier, lol). Okay, can’t seem to find candles. Maybe set nice music? ‘Can’t turn on the stereo’. Huh. That’s … strange? Alright, how about we cook something? ‘Can not open fridge-freezer’. Okay, wtf is wrong with this house? Okay, open just ‘fridge’. Done. Nice. Examine fridge? Just the same text. Look inside fridge? Same text. Grrrr. ‘Look for food – you see no such thing’. Sigh. Search fridge / freezer? Nothing of interest. So, food’s literally off the table i guess? What the hell am i even supposed to do, ‘cept for taking my phone and sending some texts? =/

  6. anon1 says:

    so u just gonna comment that i see ok thank you and good luck have fun 🙂

  7. afnan says:

    does act 1 ast it stands now consist only of the bath scene cause i cant seem to progress it further than that?

  8. afnan says:

    ah also whats the difference between january and bath download

    • Palmer says:

      The build called erotic bath has that specific scene in it and not much else. The other build gives you the opportunity to hack Vic’s computer and find out more about her character.

  9. bob says:

    what happened to play with us episode 2? ive been waiting since november 2016 and seen different dates that it was suppose to be released. i cannot afford to be a patron.. does that mean i dont get to play PWUE2?

    • anon1 says:

      same here
      and from wt i have seen you will be able to play it for free when the next version releases to patrons and with his now timetable its one year later + the time to release it to patrons first

      almost 2 years patron and got 2-3 demos to play with does not promise much :/

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Second demo of Homecoming coming very soon

Okay so due to several issues, I’ve had to enlist my friend BBBen to help with me sorting out the second act of Emily: Homecoming; and we are now close to releasing it. This act serves as a sort of a mini-comp game taking place between the two major parts of the game: the first act in Paris, and the third act back home with Emily, her friends, and Victoria. As such, it’s perfect as a standalone demo and I feel it won’t ruin or spoil the full game. 

As usual this will be offered to $10 patrons initially. And again, when this act becomes available to patrons, I will release the early concept from Jan of last year publicly. At that time, I will also elaborate a lot more on what’s happened with development since then!

Cya soon!

14 Comments on “Second demo of Homecoming coming very soon

  1. Anonymous says:

    a year after last public release, something less for patreon users

    hope this is good

    • Palmer says:

      It’s just a concept of the things in the first act. If you’re expecting a full first act you will be very disappointed.

      • Palmer says:

        Or do you mean the second act? Im confused.

        • Anonymous says:

          no i mean something you work one not specifically for this game 😛

          you keep teasing you monster and you release nothing 😛

          • Palmer says:

            Dude! The second act is very close to release and the final version of Episode 2 is not far off away as well. On top of that, we have a whole new franchised planned that would be updated weekly/monthly (involving new team members and thus not affecting any other project). Basically, lots of stuff coming your way soon! 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    when is the next episode for play with us?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey where can I play the full game Play with us 2 ? (if I must pay then no problem)

  4. anon1 says:

    dat very soon though

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We just hit $7k. Here’s what you can look forward to

TLDR; you’re getting anal, EH demo very soon, a new franchise in the planning stages, and a huge thank you!
About a year and half ago I started my Patreon site, hoping to accumulate funds to allow me to continue working on the Emily series. After a few days it was up to $500. I was in complete chock. I didn’t know the game was appreciated that much and I definitely didn’t know the genre was loved so much. Well, and as I’ve said in the past, I always wanted to do something inspired by “Hizashi no naka riaru.” I know how to code, but not on the level required to do a game like that. I searched on forums looking for programmers who were interested in taking a share-revenue deal-chance on a $500 Patreon page and code a game for me. I went ahead and designed all the graphics, and he, Ricky, did the programming. Our game was a very… how shall I put this… a poor first attempt at combining my artwork, script, music, sound, and overall story with programming, into a HTML5 game. We called it Play with Us!
Don’t get me wrong; at the time, we were absolutely thrilled we finished what initially seemed to be an impossible project and after a few days the play counter data started coming in… And people played it! I mean they really played it! Most of them also seemed to like the game. Some had issues with the HTML5 build so me and Ricky basically stayed up for 48 hours straight to get everything sorted as quickly as possible and a stable release was available very quickly after launch.
Wow! The response we received was absolutely overwhelming! Definitely beyond what we had imagined. In fact, a few days after the game was released for free (like we always do) it was even up on the most frequented Torrent sites. I mean, here you have a free game, that’s free to play online and download, and people are still pirating it. We absolutely loved it.
Those of you who have followed us for long know that we take your feedback VERY seriously. And so we listened to your feedback on Ep 1, which was mainly related to the  graphics. We completely redesigned these and the rest of the game for Ep 2, made a new engine, hired a dedicated script writer, and much more. All of this was possible thanks to you guys. We could never have done this had it not been for the extra pledges we received upon releasing Ep 1. With the new pledges we were able to do things previously impossible. I am not understating this in any way, and I can assure you everything you pledge goes toward making better games; it might be hiring new people or buying adequate hardware, but that’s where the money goes. I think everyone here will agree that by what you’ve seen of Ep 2 so far, it’s a massive improvement over Ep 1. And for Ep 3… Well, you guys will just have to wait and see what we in store for you (protip: it’s awesome.)
Anyway, to round this up. All of this is thanks to you guys. All of you who have supported us in the past and present. It might have been because you loved the first Emily game (second demo coming very soon btw) or it might have been because you liked Play with Us! But you supported us, and you made it possible for us continue making games. That’s a pretty amazing thing! I mean, it’s so amazing Patreon actually emailed me saying how amazing it was! 
Since this has mostly been a kiss-your-pledger’s-ass post so far, I wanted to end with some real news. One of the most requested features in regards to PWU Ep2 has been to introduce anal; and the only reason we haven’t done it yet is because of problems with the graphical assets. Well, that has now been solved. So in Episode 2, you can look forward to fucking your sister in the ass! How about that! You don’t hear that everyday do you? Also, the second act in Homecoming is coming along better than I could have expected. I had to enlist my good friend BBBen to help me with the bug-infested engine and adapt to get the demo out ASAP. And let me tell you; it’s looking good folks. I can’t wait for you guys to play it!
Again, to all previous and current pledgers; thank you for making this possible. Thank you for enabling us to make a much improved PWU Ep2, and for me to continue working on the Emily series. We just broke $7k guys! It’s a huge milestone! Fucking yay!
If you think PWU Ep2, Ep3, and Emily is all we’re currently planning; you’d be wrong. With the new funds made available thanks to you guys we are currently planning a completely new game series (one that would not affect the development of PWU or Emily at all). This series would be updated on a weekly/monthly basis for $10 patrons. There will be lots, and I do mean LOTS of taboo action, quality script writing, and some fucking hot sex scenes to boot. We already have a treatment complete for this game, the overlaying concept, and how to do it technically. We basically just need to do it. And for that, we need to expand the studio yet again. 
Basically, you guys have much to look forward to, and as always, if you have any questions, feel free to comment below. 
Again, thank you!
Palmer, and the rest of the team.

7 Comments on “We just hit $7k. Here’s what you can look forward to

  1. Nick says:

    Palmer… You forgot to kiss a part of my ass but joke aside looks good looks good

  2. Anonymous says:

    So I know you guys are working stupid hours on trying to get epi 2 finished and obviously you feel like the patreon supporters deserve more than us free folk but given the time between demo 2 being released to now (and yes I am aware you already stated that we would get second demo when full release was finished but you also said that would be 8 weeks and we are around 12 now) wouldnt it be almost more prudent to let the masses have access in case we manage to find a bug in the code that the others havent experienced and thus be able to fix before the final product is released? Just a curiosity question and more than patient to wait but just feel there hasnt been a real update on timelines recently. By the way love the recent content updates the game is looking amazing.

  3. lololol19 says:

    Palmer is the man! Take your time with the game because we all want to spend quality time playing it when it’s out. No pressure bro.

  4. Sam O says:

    To Palmer & Team, I just recently stumbled across PWU and the demo of PWU2; both of which I’d say land pretty far outside of my normal target genre in all aspects, yet both…ahem…’firmly’ held my attention nonetheless. To be honest I was a little puzzled as to why I was so smitten with these games, given how different they were from my normal cup of tea. The art is surely impressive; and the story both written and delivered well, but the same could be said for some games I’ve played that DO fall within my preference…yet I was done with those before 15 mins went by. While I can’t say for sure what it is that truly has me hooked; if I were to venture a guess, I’d have to say it’s because of how charming they are. I kind of hate using that word; since its such an ambiguous term when describing something, but in this case it’s truly the best word to describe why I remain infatuated with PWU 1 & 2. There’s something about each game that has me coming back over and over again; so I’m putting my vote in with charm, either that or I’m much more into taboo relations than I thought! (probably true regardless lol). Sorry for the marathon post here; just wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate your work, and I look forward to what the future holds! I’d love to contribute as a Patreon member as well, but I’d have to find a way to do it on the down-low lol. Certain eyes would not understand what they find when they find it….and they always do,,,, Thanks guys, keep doing what you obviously do best!


  5. Anonymous says:

    Please can you make android versions?

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A quick look at some features of PWU Ep2

A quick look at PWU Ep2, showcasing just some features from the final game. Work in progress of course. Also, this is a development build. You will not have the option to just choose a sex scene. Your actions throughout the game will determine your chances with scoring with a girl of course.

25 Comments on “A quick look at some features of PWU Ep2

  1. Benji says:


    Hello Palmer, and all the team !
    I do love your games, and am waiting eagerly for the next PWU, which seems to be more and more interesting !
    You made a real progress, from what i can see with the non patreon content, about graphics, character design and gameplay too, it’s impressive.
    Keep being so awesome !

  2. Anders says:

    Holy shit! This looks absolutely amazing. Possibly the best adult “flash” game I’ve ever seen. Keep up the good work. Unfortunately I cannot support you on Patreon because I’m broke as fuck now. But I definitely hope everyone does so we can get this game NOW. Keep it up!

  3. Sigma says:

    Holy F Christ. This is amazing. Can’t wait for you guys to release this!!!!

  4. ben6784 says:

    I want to support you right away and get access to your latest builds. How do I do that?

  5. Striller says:

    GIVE. NOW.

  6. KrenKroft says:

    Anna and Emma are both so fucking hot. Looking forward to seeing more of Alice too! Keep it up, this looks absolute fantastic!

  7. LaraCroft85 says:

    Fuck you Palmer. Fuck you for teasing us 🙂

  8. Nick says:

    Stop teasing(us), start pleasing(us)

  9. Boulder says:

    Is there any way to know who created the soundtrack of the first episode of “play with us” and where I can buy it and/or download it ? Thks!

  10. Wwww says:

    Is this playable on iPhone

    • Ricky says:

      No, sorry, only desktop computers.

      • DrZed says:

        Or laptop computers…

        • Anonymous says:

          its not html5 so playable everywhere?

          • Ricky says:

            Theoretically, yes. However, we use an API called “Pointer Lock” to ensure the sex scenes play smooth, and that API is currently only available on Chrome and Firefox (desktop versions). Another problem is about memory. The game uses hundreds of HD images that easily surpasses mobile devices available memory. The novel itself should run without any problem on mobile, but I can’t say the same of the dynamic scenes.

  11. Troop says:


  12. Anonymous says:

    Can you please tell us when you will realease demo 2 to the public?
    When you realeased it for the patreons, you said, that you´ll realease it to the public soon. That was last year. I know, you want to realease good content, but it also looks like you made lots of progress in the last couple of months.

    • Nick says:

      Even though it only been “4” months I can asure you it will be worth the wait, to a degree depends on how much you expect from it. I myself is more like a child waiting for X-mas eve(demo 3)

  13. tyson_44 says:

    When will we are able to Play PWU EP2?

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Since a lot of the same questions are being asked constantly, I figured this FAQ might come in handy.

2 Comments on “FAQ

  1. Jay says:

    When I download the game, it doesn’t let me play. I’m on windows 10

    • DrZed says:

      On windows 10 (both public and insider build 15051), with comodo, in strict mode, and windows defender on, using opera browser and stand-alone exe. Works perfectly fine. @Jay you’re drunk go home. JK just has nothing to do with windows.

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Frequent updates starting today

These will be very short and open to the public. My goal is not to actually post every single day as I don’t want to take away too much from development time, but at the very least I want something that resembles what I did with my blog when developing ESA.

All of these posts are of course open to the public. Just head on over to our Patreon to view them. For easier access, look to your right and click the Twitter icon to be taken to today’s post!

16 Comments on “Frequent updates starting today

  1. Maarin says:

    could you please add nsfw pics to evry post? Its suvh a dissappointment seiing: “palmer posted…” -> no pix😞

  2. Arvid Johnson says:

    Psh. Don’t need NSFW pics on every post. Some of us just need a bit of patience. Like they say, patience is its own reward. I think that was the saying. Meh. I trust you guys to make awesome games that will be worth the wait, so a daily update is more than enough for me. Besides, there’s enough previously posted content to tide me over for a while.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Regarding your trouble with drawers.

    -set each drawer’s initial location to hidden.
    -set up specific examine tasks for the drawer storage (desk/ nightstand).
    -add action “move drawer/s to room” to those examine tasks.

    There is probably a way to properly code it but this is a simple work-around.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ve just noticed this was basically the first suggestion in the Patreon post.
      I should have read that a little more carefully.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey Palmer, can you please release the full version of the game Play with Us! Ep 2? for free please because It’ll give a big joy to people who enjoyed the series so far I love the game though!

  5. Alex says:

    been waiting patiently expecting it to be here like 3 weeks ago but nothing. 8 weeks is enough :/

    • palmer says:

      Next update is a huge one and will take some time to complete. It could also possibly be the last content update we make before releasing the game, so please have patience 🙂

  6. Anonymous says:

    People who aren’t supporting Palmer and his team on Patreon should really be more considerate. He is offering his content for free, despite needing money for what he does. Instead of making you pay $20 for a game, he’s giving people the option to support him.

    Those of us who don’t financially support the team should wait quietly. They’re doing the best they can to give the game quality. Quality takes time. Just please stop being inconsiderate.

    • Anonymous says:

      I totally agree. People who aren’t supporting the development should just wait patiently and be grateful for getting to play for free!

  7. joris says:

    when is next demo??

  8. Ninjantae says:

    I tried and now i’m a pervert.

  9. Unknown says:

    Is there an estimation for about how much longer it will be until the next demo will be released Palmer? I’m trying to be patient but could you give an estimation? Thank you.

  10. So, if pressed, what would you say are your top-ten favorite Adult Games featured on Patreon?
    And yes, if you want to expand that list, please feel free.


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Significant progress

I just made a pretty substantial post over on Patreon that anyone can view, detailing what’s been happening the last month and what’s to come, including both PWU and Homecoming.

Please click here to view the post and screenshots.

20 Comments on “Significant progress

  1. anonymus says:

    Wow, this is just amazing. It looks really great.
    Cool to see that progress, but when will the 2nd demo be available for the non patreons? We’re waiting hungry for it^^

  2. Anonomous says:

    Is there any way to remove Comments?

  3. Jonas says:

    Is there now a exact release for everyone? (On Play with us 2)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Just out of curiosity, what do you use for the 3D modeling?

  5. Jonas says:

    Does it come out that month?

    • Anonymous says:

      He already stated saying that when the 3rd demo is out, he will release the 2nd demo to the public or somewhere around that time.

  6. Kebra says:

    This game is amazing

  7. Conner says:

    I’m 22

  8. Anonymous says:

    are there more than 2 adult endings? as I can seem to only find 2

  9. anonymus says:

    in your last post you said 4-6 weeks, pls release it we’re waiting so hard for it.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Any games similar to Play with Us 1 or Play with Us 2? Basically I’m looking for games with nudity and sexual gameplay and games that are roleplay I think (where it gives you choices and your choices affect the outcome of the game). Another game similar to this is Re Maid but any others out there? Thanks!

  11. HarryTheag says:


  12. wawa says:

    The game should be released to the public within 4-6 weeks (November 26, 2016) ….. We are the 18th january.

    • Anonymous says:

      That amount of time was an estimation. We just have to wait patiently for demo 3 to be ready and for it to be released to Patrons. I know it annoying (I’m as eager to play as you are), but we just have to wait patiently.

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Play with Us! Episode 2 Demo 2 Out Now For Patrons (and soon to everyone else)

A couple of months ago we released the first demo of the new episode, and now it’s time for the next build!

Lots of stuff have changed:

The script has been revised and is now a lot longer and vastly more complex, with branching story lines with significantly more choices added in. We felt that some of the story didn’t feel realistic enough and have tried to address this in the latest build. Emma is now back and her attitude toward you will be affected how you treated her in the first episode. We’ve also added a lot more choice/consequence mechanics in this build, and added a completely new sex scene (which is the most advanced we’ve ever done). The characters’ attitude are now controlled by several variables, which in turn are governed by the way you act toward them. Other improvements have of course also been made. For instance, the shower scene was way too long in the first build and has now been significantly shortened thanks to you guys’ feedback. It’s now also possible to make Anna the player’s real sister by inputting a code at the beginning of the game (highly requested featured which to be honest should have been there in the first place.)

As usual, the game will be released to the public for free soon enough.This time around we will be releasing this version to the public when the next build is finished and released to Patrons, which we’re hoping is within 4-6 weeks. Meanwhile, check out some screenshots below! (Click for larger version)

34 Comments on “Play with Us! Episode 2 Demo 2 Out Now For Patrons (and soon to everyone else)

  1. Netsabeth says:

    Hi Palmer and all the team.

    Thanx thanx thanx, can’t wait for the new demo……

    Sure, when i see screenshots, that it will be a excellent demo.

    Hope the final and definitive version will be achieved and released soon.


  2. Daedalus says:

    Oh wow. If this is only a demo what’s the final version going to be like.
    It looks really impressive.

    • Palmer says:

      Final version will be longer, and have even more alternative ways to act toward the characters with various consequences. Oh, and more sex scene. Actually, already working on adding a Doggy option to the one with Anna seen above 🙂

  3. Happey says:

    Can’t wait 😀
    Great job to everyone who made this happen

    • Palmer says:

      Thank you so much! We haven’t slept much in the last few days haha. Well, I managed to get in 2 hours in front of the keyboard but that was about 20 hours ago now…

  4. Jonas says:

    When does it come out for everyone?

    • Palmer says:

      It will be about the same time frame as the last build, which was around 4-6 weeks if I remember correctly.

      • Karma says:

        We have to wait more than a month to play at the new demo? That’s a lot… Why so long? I mean, one or two weeks okay, but 6? O_o

        • Palmer says:

          Sorry buddy, but the Patrons are what’s keeping us alive and we have to give them real incentive to keep supporting us. One way to do that is to release it to them first. Think about it, if just waiting a week would give you build, why pay $10?

          • Lineker says:

            Palmer, I would like to know if anyone who helps with the project with $ 3, has to wait the same time of the general public that does not help in the project

          • faith says:

            any idea when this is coming out the public? its about to hit almost 10 weeks since the demo was released for patrons

        • asd1234567890 says:

          stop whining and wait like rest of us who cant or wont pay that 10$ 4-6 weeks is pretty short time when u think about it

      • Jonas says:

        Can i pay with 10€ Psc card?

  5. DrZed says:

    Yo Palmer, can you add a “peeing” scene in there somewhere optional via code as well, plz…

  6. Anonymous says:

    When the demo is released to the public, will we be given said code that you mentioned, or will that be a Patreon giver exclusive code?

  7. Chin Ho Kua says:

    Can I Just say that this game looks pretty close to amazing?
    I can’t wait to play this game – and I’m very glad to see an amazing group of designers to get something like this happen.

    Keep it up guys! You have us supporting you 😀

  8. Snow Flake says:

    Hey Palmer Any News About Homecoming 2nd Demo.

  9. Anonymous says:

    can you please request anna to take the nude photo of her softball team girl then do the same thing what did on anna

  10. Snow Flake says:

    hey palmer Is There A Link PWU Ep2 Demo 2 For Patrons

  11. Troop says:

    Yes, There is a link for $10 patrons.

    • DrZed says:

      I love how that guy was trying to get you to pretty much give him the link to the demo, I bet he’s not a patreon and just wants the game demo free of charge AND early.

  12. Anon says:

    I seem to be having trouble getting the new scene. Any advice?

  13. Z says:

    Hey Palmer,

    Great job so far on this new project — it’s all looking really impressive, and your work is improving with each iteration!

    I wanted to share a sentiment that I doubt I’m alone in feeling; I’m one of your $10 patreon supporters who began donating because you were a designer who produced amazing work in the AIF world, and I wanted to be able to support that. The work you’re doing with Play With Us is great — but I think it’s fair to say that there are probably lots of us both here and on Patreon that may be feeling a bit like Homecoming is a basically closed project, or something which you might get to once you’re done working through Play With Us. If that’s true, that’s okay! PWU is exciting I’m sure, and it appears to be really helping you build a real income, which is simply phenomenal. But I think an honest appraisal of your plans for Homecoming, and some kind of a time table or idea of how much you’re focusing on it vs. PWU might be really appreciated by your many fans who are here because of the great stuff you did with Emily; I’m certain it isn’t intended, but I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling a bit like you’ve shifted away from Homecoming but haven’t really closed it up. It wouldn’t be a big deal, but considering many people are financially supporting your work, I guess it would just be really appreciated to know where your focus actually is.


    • Palmer says:

      Thanks for your very valid concerns. I dealt with this in the latest post (so please look there) for a better explanation of why you might be feeling this way.

  14. Jocke says:

    I love the demo 2 I wonder what its gonna be to play PWS 2 full version And I love PWS 1 its like a dream…. You made it so good, That it feels like its real!! Really good job to all your co workers and you ofc I love it!!!

  15. rfs03416 says:

    wie bekomme ich vollwersin von play with us ep2

    • Dragonsoule says:

      Kannst spenden 10$ monatlich oder warten sollte demnächst auch raus kommen.

      When does the Demo 2 comes out? Are there new infomations?
      It has been about 7 Weeks now .__.
      I’m despretly waiting for it.

  16. austin says:

    when will the whole game come out

  17. Al says:

    When can we expect the full version of episode 2? is there a deadline or what? I am just curious cause I really wanna play the full version

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If you have ever posted a comment here on the blog, but then not seen it, it’s most certainly been caught in some kind of spam filter. We get about 300 of those every day, and most are indeed spam, but some are not and have to be manually approved. So if you’ve ever left a comment on the blog which was not published immediately, it’s not due to us deleting them; they’ve just become stuck in the various filters. We have recently taken steps to try and remedy this. Please take my word when I say that we would never ever censor anything you might have to say, whether it be criticism or just feedback in general. Hopefully from now on, things should run a lot smoother when it comes to comments and replies (actually my own replies often get stuck in these filters too.)

4 Comments on “Apologies if your comment has not been shown on the blog

  1. Mew says:

    It’s nice to see that this site is active again. I, for personal reasons, cannot further the project through Patreon, and am waiting here instead. I wish you the best of luck on your future games.

  2. Zero says:

    I love the 2 games you made both are amazing cannot wait for episode 2

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Screenshot from the latest PWU Ep2 build

This is by far the most complex sex scene we’ve ever done. Can’t wait for you guys to play it!

13 Comments on “Screenshot from the latest PWU Ep2 build

  1. loader says:

    woow can’t for the full release.
    good job Palmer

  2. ALoneWonderer says:

    Hey Palmer, glad to see an update!
    The screenshot looks great, can’t wait to play the game.

    In what state of completion is the project? I’m talking an estimate percentage. If that is not too much to ask for, of course 🙂

    Regardless, hope you guys are doing alright, keep up the good work!

  3. Mitcell says:

    Its there a latest build before this one your about to release sometime?

  4. master110 says:

    Great work. Love your games.

  5. Happey says:

    Getting hyped for the full version 😀
    Keep up the great work.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Is the latest update on demo for public or is it for patreon people only?

  7. Anonymous says:

    I cannot wait for this game any longer. This lone picture is amazing and has me so excited for the game. It looks wicked good. Great job so far!

  8. Anonymous says:

    hey man, the new episode looks great. do you have an idea of a general release date by chance?

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