Month: March 2017

Second demo of Homecoming coming very soon

Okay so due to several issues, I’ve had to enlist my friend BBBen to help with me sorting out the second act of Emily: Homecoming; and we are now close to releasing it. This act serves as a… Read More

We just hit $7k. Here’s what you can look forward to

TLDR; you’re getting anal, EH demo very soon, a new franchise in the planning stages, and a huge thank you! About a year and half ago I started my Patreon site, hoping to accumulate funds to allow me… Read More

A quick look at some features of PWU Ep2

A quick look at PWU Ep2, showcasing just some features from the final game. Work in progress of course. Also, this is a development build. You will not have the option to just choose a sex scene. Your… Read More


Since a lot of the same questions are being asked constantly, I figured this FAQ might come in handy.