New public release of EH: Concept demo!

As we have just released Act 2 of Emily: Homecoming to patrons, and as I’ve always said, below you’ll find the link to the latest playable version of EH. You might notice there’s not much difference from the concept I previously publicly released. Instead, give me a moment to explain what’s happened regarding development since you last heard from me.

For starters, the game consists of three acts. This demo that we just released is Act 2, simply because it’s perfect as a sort of “mini-comp” style of game where the objective is easy to locate, but might not be that easy to score with. This act (naturally) takes place between act 1 and 3, (the main bulk of the game) and serves as a sort of a break from the main story line.

I can’t emphasize this enough, but the game has progressed a lot since you last saw an update about it, although I don’t post frequently about it anymore. Act 1 is all but complete and takes place in Paris with Victoria, and Act 3 only needs some minor adjustments before release. Basically, what we have here ladies and gentlemen, is a fully fledged sequel to Emily: Sister Attraction. Now, I won’t lie. There’s been a number of setbacks during the development of this game. Actually most of them stem from the fact that Adrift 5 (the engine I use) hasn’t been updated for nearly a year. I can’t, in a comprehensible and summarized matter, explain what this has done to further the development of the game, but this: As things currently stand, and with the way Adrift 5 currently handles tasks, I doubt I will be able to complete the game any time “soon”. “What’s soon?” you might ask? And that is, to put it mildly, a fair question. The truth is I don’t know. The latest update of Adrift 5 screwed up a lot of things in the game, and just putting together this second act with the the first was basically a nightmare.

Anyway, and like always. I’ve tried to balance this game between “hard” and “easy,” meaning it might take you a few tries to get through it, but in the end, I’m sure you will succeed.

This game was made possible thanks to the unbelievable $10 patrons we have sponsoring us at

Here’s the link to where you can find the previously Patreon-only builds of Homecoming:

Keep in mind these concepts were only released to explain Vic’s character a bit more, and the first one only includes a single sex scene and are more than year old. A lot has happened since then.

Until next time,

30 Comments on “New public release of EH: Concept demo!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Do I need to be a patron to view the previous update?

  2. anon1 says:

    File not found

  3. Palmer says:

    Please try again, should work now.

  4. anon1 says:

    expected more after a year but i guess it was not bad

    • Palmer says:

      You mean for Act 1 in Paris? Well that concept is more than a year old and I will probably not release the full act until the game is finished. That concept was published very shortly after the first one, so your expectations might be set a little too high 🙂

  5. LLG says:

    While i had no problem navigating the first Emily-game, i somehow feel very lost on the Paris-part here. Went something like this: “Prepare romantic bath, okay, got it. Huh, guy doesn’t want to leave the house. So i guess candles should be there? Where could they be? Hmm, all the boxes of Victoria are empty. Can’t reach the upper shelf in my walk in, description never mentions a ladder or something. Hmm, cabinets and shelfs seem to contain nothing as there’s no reaction to any examine-command on “products” or “things” (btw. not being a native english speaker doesn’t make this any easier, lol). Okay, can’t seem to find candles. Maybe set nice music? ‘Can’t turn on the stereo’. Huh. That’s … strange? Alright, how about we cook something? ‘Can not open fridge-freezer’. Okay, wtf is wrong with this house? Okay, open just ‘fridge’. Done. Nice. Examine fridge? Just the same text. Look inside fridge? Same text. Grrrr. ‘Look for food – you see no such thing’. Sigh. Search fridge / freezer? Nothing of interest. So, food’s literally off the table i guess? What the hell am i even supposed to do, ‘cept for taking my phone and sending some texts? =/

  6. anon1 says:

    so u just gonna comment that i see ok thank you and good luck have fun 🙂

  7. afnan says:

    does act 1 ast it stands now consist only of the bath scene cause i cant seem to progress it further than that?

  8. afnan says:

    ah also whats the difference between january and bath download

    • Palmer says:

      The build called erotic bath has that specific scene in it and not much else. The other build gives you the opportunity to hack Vic’s computer and find out more about her character.

  9. Anonymous says:

    The bath scene was sexy, I can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with beyond that. Thanks for making free games.

  10. bob says:

    what happened to play with us episode 2? ive been waiting since november 2016 and seen different dates that it was suppose to be released. i cannot afford to be a patron.. does that mean i dont get to play PWUE2?

    • anon1 says:

      same here
      and from wt i have seen you will be able to play it for free when the next version releases to patrons and with his now timetable its one year later + the time to release it to patrons first

      almost 2 years patron and got 2-3 demos to play with does not promise much :/

      • Ricky says:

        All I can say is that the game is around the corner. We are currently in crunch mode, meaning we’re working overtime to get Ep2 out as soon as possible.

    • Palmer says:

      Bob, what dates have you seen? We specfically don’t give release dates for this particular reason. We release our games when they are done, not before.

      • Troop says:

        Perhaps next month?

        • Anon1 says:

          next year prob

          • Troop says:

            haha true

          • Palmer says:

            Try supporting the development instead of complaining and you wouldn’t have to wait so long.

          • Troop says:

            How did you assume that i’ve not supported the development ? I’ve a been patreon backer since demo 2 were released(Nov-Apr). Remember that time you said demo 3 will be in 4-6 weeks ? I guess it’s has been 26-27 weeks now. you were not only failed to release the game in time but you even failed give a estimate release time so far.

            Yeah yeah i know it will be released when it’s ready lol. that’s what you have been telling me all the time when i asked this question on patreon.

          • Troop says:

            Hey Palmer, i saw the new post on patreon, i understand you guys work hard to get this game done. i’m little bit sorry about the above comment. I guess i was little pissed when you asked me to support on patreon instead of complaining, lol.

  11. Anonymous says:

    what is the phone you use to hack vic laptop

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