Play With Us! Ep 2 Demo 2 Public Release

Before reading this, note that the full game is nearly completed and this demo was released in November. Since that time a lot have happened and changed. We now have more sex scenes, we have a completely revised script, and a polished and balanced game, and have added a lot more options and quality of life improvements. To see more on this, visit

To see a video that’s now a few months old of more recent content, check out this development video:

The full episode, which is a lot longer than this and includes more sex scenes is very close to release. As usual, it will first be available to $10 patrons before being released for free. If you want to check out Demo 2: Go here.

53 Comments on “Play With Us! Ep 2 Demo 2 Public Release

  1. Dan says:

    Are the scenes only with Anna on this demo and can you get her doggystyle?

    • Palmer says:

      Don’t think doggy is available in this demo unfortunately. I will have to play it again to confirm though, but I think that was added after suggestions from our patrons and thus is only available in the final build (which is coming very soon)

      • Muggy says:

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but the only scenes with Anna in this demo are the blowjob and sex on the bed, both of which end the demo afterwards, right? I just want to double check.

  2. sepp says:

    Is there any way to get any sexual interactio with Emma or is thie demo “Anna only”?

  3. happy says:

    hi i love the game but i whant the full veson its the best game ever love it

  4. Doug says:

    I checked the download I got from another site. It is about 30 GB larger tan the one on your site which is build 3 so I am not sure which build I got. Don’t remember the site but it was a very very slow download, took over an hour to download 199 GB. That’s because I wasn’t going to pay what they wanted for a faster download.

  5. Steve says:

    What would i get if i become patreon now?

  6. Jim says:

    Can you give a hint on how to get the scene with Anna on the bed? I feel like I’ve gone through every dialogue option and I can only get her to dress as a maid, or the same oral scene as in the first demo.

    • What says:

      It’s kinda difficult to explain it. If you want, there are a few pics on the patreon post that shows how your choices affect the stats.

      • Jim says:

        Could you be a little more specific? I wasn’t able to find this post on Palmer’s Patreon page. Is there some specific stat path you have to follow to get the scene? I feel like I tried doing both the nice and mean routes and nothing changed but a bit of the dialogue.

        • JackoLantern says:

          Anna is not in the demo, i played it a few month ago and there is no possibility to get her in your bed in the demo.
          But wait ’till the public version of PWU 2 is released and it’ll be possible !

          • JackoLantern says:

            How demn, i mixed up Anna and Emma.
            You can but the path is very specific: one mistake and it’s over. I think you had to be either the perfect asshole or a kind master but not an in between road.

    • Alexander says:

      No, really, how is it done?

  7. Jeffrey says:

    I know it’s to late for it since you said the game is about finish but I wish that both Emma & Anna had different close on in the game when they are in different places. Like for exsmple with Emma when she is not in school have her have on say shorts and a sexy top and with Anna drop the white top to her dress. When I was at the part where she takes off her bra she look alot better looking with just the black dress on. But maybe when you do Ep. 3 if there is one you can do that.

  8. Mark says:

    I keep getting the error message “Your system cannot run 3.0 shaders. Please, update your GPU drivers and DirectX”. Do you know how I could fix this? I should be able to run it with my system.

  9. Anna says:

    Are you guys going to make PWU episode 3 ?

  10. Alex says:

    Any estimated dates for when the Full version of Ep.2 will be out? Possibly before August? haha

    • Palmer says:

      Within two weeks

      • JackoLantern says:

        Kinda fun that it matches the release of the 11th chapter of DmD !
        I was thinking, since this game is made with Ren’py, what are the main differences between your engine and what is achievable with Ren’py. Since i’m a programmer and i artist friend of mine would like to try Visual Novels, i wanted hints for where to start and the limits that made you choose to create your engine.

        Anyway, great stuff, i’ll be one of the first to play the official release and i’m pretty sure it’ll be worth the wait !

        • Ricky says:

          Ren’py it’s a great engine for visual novels, no doubt about it. However, if you want to create playable scenes and other mini-games (as the ones we have in PWU), you’ll need a deep knowledge of the engine core and deal with some peculiarities that may make things a bit difficult. Also, Ren’py does not export to HTML5, which it’s basically our main target platform.

  11. Firedragon1412 says:

    have sex with emma is available in the demo, i saw an image that saw that

  12. Harry says:

    Along the lines of what Jim asked “Can you give a hint on how to get the scene with Anna on the bed?” is it possible to get a sex scene beyond just the oral scene, in Demo 2 that was just recently released to the public?

    • ScrotumTotem says:

      Easy just tell her she needs to stay home instead of goto practice, she then entices you whilst wearing a maid outfit.

  13. cooljav says:

    Do you ever think to launch an android version? i think it would be awesome to play it with a tactil screen.

    • JackoLantern says:

      Technically, it’s an HTML 5 game so the online version is maybe playable on powerful smartphones. I’ll definitely try it on my own.

      • Ricky says:

        I’m afraid this may not be the case. Yes, Ep2 will has a HTML5 version, but the game is just too big. Mobile browsers are not expecting – nor support – games of that size. Furthermore, we have the design side: the game GUI and playable elements were designed for mouse interactions, not fingers.

        • JackoLantern says:

          Thinking of that, it’s against the charts of the app store to create erotic games.
          Do you know about Ionic ? It’s one of the way to make your game playable on device juste using the html5 release. I’m using it with Three.js to render some 3D things on a device and it works pretty well.

          • cooljav says:

            i think the appstore is not the problem, they could relase the .apk file, i think the problem is redo the game with lower resolution and adapt the control. The smartphones and tablets are good platforms for visual novels but is dificult to porting them.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Within 2 weeks?! These guys are full of it. Just fishing for backers to pay them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Have you any idea what’s involved in coding you ungrateful moron?

      • Anonymous says:

        LOL!!! Clearly you do not. The coding for this game is very simple. So simple that it should not take this long to release, if they have as much done as they say. I should expect this, though, from someone who actually put the word “irregardless” in the final cut of a game. I don’t really care, just trying to warn people. Over 6 months to make a game that will take less than 1 hour to finish, and less than a day to be bored with.

        • JackoLantern says:

          I’m a developper and you are honestly underestimating the work.

          They are not designing a game using an already created engine but they create the engine. The purpose of that is to obtain a game fully optimised in terms of space and memory. I created an engine and it took me something like 10months alone 2-3hours a day. It’s an hard and long job. But when it’s done, it’s done.

          Oh and so on, i finished the demo in quite 2 hours because the texts are important.

          • Anonymous says:

            Don’t forget the fact that they have 3 people to work in this game. Plus they claim they are working 16 hours a day on this game.

          • JackoLantern says:

            I don’t forget that, and i don’t think a human being can work efficiently 16hours a day so i don’t believe in this thing.
            3 people but only one advanced developper.
            Anyway, a lot of guys on this blog are not 10$ patreon, so i don’t think this “plaidoirie” as we say in France is a approriate here.

          • Anonymous says:

            I understand it is not easy. However, do not say you are going to have it released within 2 weeks and not deliver. Months ago, it was “very close” and 2 weeks ago it was “within 2 weeks.” I have to give props, though. He raised his backers by 20%. At this rate, the game will never come out lol!

        • Palmer says:

          “The coding for this game is very simple?” Actually laughed at that one, so thank you 🙂 Also, the “very close” post which you are referencing was posted June 29, so two weeks ago. We have not gained 20% more backers since that post.

          • Anonymous says:

            So, your saying the coding for your game is as complex as GTA, COD, Assissins creed …? Compared to “real” games, the coding for your game is considered simple. Keep laughing, because you seem to be full of yourself. As far as your release statement; you said “WITHIN 2 weeks, maybe sooner.” You didn’t make it WITHIN 2 weeks. Finally, it was not quite 20%, but very close.

          • Peter says:

            LMAO can’t even spell Assassins right…

    • Palmer says:

      We kept our deadline and released it within 2 weeks.

    • Ricky says:

      ehem, the game was just released for patreons:

  15. Jon says:

    Maybe this is an option in the full version….but I thought it would be great if there was a path where you get caught while taking photos, be anna’s servant, and end up with somewhat the same results as long as you appease her etc.

  16. Doug says:

    When will play with us 2 be released for free?

    • Anonymous says:

      Give it time. It was just released to the backers of the game. It’ll be released eventually, just have patience. I want to play the game too, but I cannot financially support it so I just have to show patience. There also has to be incentive for the $10 backers to pay the money. If they give us the full game for free in a short-ish amount of time, what’s the point of being a $10 backer? There really is none. Give it time and remember to think of things from a business perspective as well.

      • Doug says:

        Ah… Well good job to the devs nevertheless. Cheers, I’ll be looking forward to this even if it takes forever! =D

  17. abc says:

    Is threesome in the game, or was that just a tease?

  18. LittleTerranRenzo says:

    Waiting with bated breath for the free release.
    I’m so hyped, I’ve been waiting for this since Ep. 1 and I can’t wait to see the fruit of your guys’ labor.
    Thank you so much for your hardd work!
    I’d love to support but I’m a poor student. ;-;

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