Daughter for Dessert Ch 2 released for free!

Made for Chrome/Firefox. Note that there is a download option inside the game if you don’t want to run this online. However, you can not mix download/online versions if you want to continue on your previous path. E.g: If you played the first chapter online, you have to play the second chapter online.

This is the second chapter and sequel to the first game. It requires you to have finished the first chapter before running this one (because your choices have consequences and are saved.)

A man and his daughter run a small diner together. He discovers that one of his employees has been writing a popular series of taboo erotica about them, which catalyses a long journey of sexual self-discovery.​

Any bugs or issues? Please comment below and we’ll fix it asap.

Real daughter version: http://love-joint-games.com/DfD/public/ch2/_RD_
Adopted daughter version: http://love-joint-games.com/DfD/public/ch2/safe/


Production: Palmer
Writing: AW
Graphics: MuseX
Programming: Ricky

30 Comments on “Daughter for Dessert Ch 2 released for free!

  1. Ymir says:

    Walkthroughs for DFD chap 1 and 2 please!

  2. Ymir says:

    And release date for freeware of DFD 3 please!?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Just played the downloaded RD version. I need to report that the conversation in the park is bugged. I can’t pick any subject other than talk about the future which moves the story forward…Well, I can actually, it just skips the conversation and later shows that all topics were exhausted. Can anyone investigate this?

    • Ricky says:

      Is not a bug, it was intended. “Talk about the future” is the only option that let you advance in that part of the game.

      • Anonymous says:

        You didn’t get it. When you select the options, nothing happens. No text. No conversation. Nothing. Normally when you have options to choose from, they lead somewhere, at least a sentence of text. In this case it just skips to the next menu with other options to choose from until you pick the correct one, like it fails to trigger other conversation topics due to a bug.

  4. ryan says:

    when is number 3 for release

  5. Shaun McHale says:

    how do you connect with veronica in chapter 2

  6. Arthur Kelly says:

    I just finished 2 and went to download 3 and it is not available for download only online which of course means starting over….no. And I see no option for the daughter version either as is available above for 2.

  7. vertigo says:

    this compatible with mac?

  8. Homi says:

    Hi Ricky, hi Palmer, I’ve played the downloadable version and I run in the same error during the conversation in the park like mentioned above. The only working option is “Talk about the future” – this error occors in both “flavors” of the game. If I select one of the other options the menu disappears and shows up immidiately without the selected option.

    And then I’ve a question: Will there be a soundtrack of the music used in the game – you’ve selected some real nice pieces. Or at least a kind of playlist with the title informations. — Pretty please

    • Ricky says:

      Is not a bug. “Talk about the future” is the only option that let you advance in that part of the game. I just re-tested the chapter and everything seems fine. If you still think there is a problem, please re-download it. You can also send me an email to ricky@love-joint.com or contact me in our Discord channel (https://discord.gg/UezsBTv) if you need further assistance.

      • Homi says:

        I’ve downloaded it again on Dec 31st and now in the mentioned conversation are two usable options “Talk about the diner” and “Talk about the future” but the other two options behave like before. (Click on the option and the option menu appears again immidiately without any comment by the daughter).
        IMO these is a bad player expirience at least there should be a short reaction like “I wont talk about this at the moment” (or something) and first after this the option menu should be shown again.

        • Ricky says:

          Now I got what you mean (it seems that only happens with saves). I’ll be investigating this issue. Thanks.

          • Fernando_Coruja says:

            I loved the game so much that I played both DFD 1 and 2 repeatedly, to check the development of events. The mentioned dialog issue didn’t happen to me when I chose a specific set of choices, but happened when I followed a different path. I don’t remember exactly what I chose for each, tough. I hope to have helped somehow.

    • Ricky says:

      This was fixed. Thanks for your report.

  9. Brandon says:

    Hey guys, Just thought id let you know about a bug in CH2 in the conversation about the jukebox after you leave the laundramat. Got to the end of the conversation and the whole UI disappeared and now im stuck looking at Amanda. Its not frozen like the sounds are still there and i can still tilt the camera, its just not progressing

  10. lucas says:

    i love this game

  11. Fernando_Coruja says:

    Hi! I would like to know when are you going to update all game links in the GAMES session of the blog: http://love-joint.com/blog/index.php/games/

    So far there’s only E:SA and PWU1. Please, put them all together there. It would help a lot to find them 😀

    • Palmer says:

      I’m hoping to update the entire site as soon as possible, which is way overdue. Meanwhile you can find all the other games on our Patreon page.

  12. Robert P. Garding says:

    Love this game. Played one and two and now waiting for three.

  13. jimmy lovell says:

    i have played three and four three is great , with a nice unexpected, out ‘COME’ IF, YOU MAKE RIGHT PICKS . four is to short should of been added to three, a disappointment to say the lest.

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