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Hi everyone. We have some terrible news to share with you. There is no easy way to say this. After being unresponsive for several days, we have learned recently that Palmer has passed away suddenly. We are really sorry for this unexpected turn of events.

We have informed Patreon support of the situation, and shutdown of Palmer’s account has finally happened. We also ask that you spread the word and share this announcement.

The team has been in a state of shock, and I know a lot of you will be upset as much as we are. We have set up a channel on our Discord, “Remembering Palmer”, and AW will shortly post an obituary for Palmer which we hope you’ll read, and we hope you’ll share your memories of Palmer and what he and his games have meant to you.

About the future

There’s a lot of uncertainty. But given how close we are to finishing DH, and how far it already is into development, it would be a waste not to finish the game. The team would like to finish Double Homework, and carry on working on projects that we already had planned, and to continue Palmer’s legacy. However, we have lost all our monthly funding. We have started a new Patreon page (, where, if you choose to continue supporting us, you can do so. If we rebuild enough, we can finish the final chapter of DH and make the sort of game that Palmer would have been proud of, and carry on making games into the future.

Thank you for your belief in us and your love for our games. This is a difficult situation, and it will be hard for us to move on without Palmer.

-Love-Joint Team


Q: What happened to Palmer?
A: We don’t know exactly. But it was sudden and unexpected. And he is gone.

Q: Why have you lost access to Palmer’s Patreon creator account?
A: For security reasons, only Palmer had access to it. Even if we did have access to it now, there are legal reasons why we can’t just take it over.

Q: I’ve spent money on Palmer’s Patreon page and now everything is gone. Who do I contact about a refund?
A: Please contact Patreon support. Unfortunately we have no control whatsoever of Palmer’s creator account, so we cannot issue refunds ourselves. And we can’t guarantee that Patreon will refund you either.

Q: When is the final episode of Double Homework coming out?
A: We hope that we can have it out at some point in November 2020 (DH Ep19 has been released. Check this post)

Q: What is the future of Love-Joint?
A: There’s a lot of uncertainty, but all the members of the team are willing to keep going if we secure enough funding.

Q: If last DH episode is finished, what will happen next?
A: The whole team is willing to continue, and we already have some ideas, but almost certainly, our plans have changed from what was stated by Palmer on his last announcement.

If you have any more questions or you would like to post a tribute to Palmer, please feel free to join our Discord.