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Shale Hill Secrets is a game about a guy who stumbles upon a great deal of power – he sees into people’s private lives. He uses it to help others, but also uses it to develop personal relationships with people that would’ve been difficult otherwise. The deeper he goes down the rabbit hole, the more likely he is to encounter the real powers that puppeteer his fate and those of his classmates.

Developed by Love-Joint

Ricky | Producer, Code, Engine
AW | Plot, Writing, Direction
NiRo | Character Design, Art
Mr. Vargas | Character Design, Art
Zed | Marketing, Art
Luke | Marketing, Art
In Memory of Palmer.

With Shale Hill Secrets, we have made the decision to move away from a monthly release schedule. This move enables us to add more exciting features and bring less linear gameplay to you, as being web based came with a bunch of limitations that wouldn’t allow us to expand. Right now, we are aiming to release a new content update every 6/8 weeks to patrons, free releases are to be determined.

System Requirements:
CPU: Any modern dual-core CPU
Video: Intel HD 4400 or better (with up-to-date drivers! The GPU must be compatible with DirectX 11)
– Windows: Windows 7 or newer (64-bit only)
– macOS: Mojave (10.14) or newer (Optimized for both Intel and Apple Silicon CPUs)
– Android: Mid to high range smartphone/tablet/Chromebook running Android 4.1 or newer (built for Armv7, Arm64, x86_64)

Latest Build (Each build includes all episodes):

Episode 1-15 (Available To $10+ Patrons)Download on Patreon
Episode 1-10 Download on
Download on Steam