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Welcome to “Streaming for Love,” where you step into the shoes of a young, charming broker in the bustling city of Sallesport. You’ll be navigating the corporate world amidst skyscrapers and thriving businesses, making money working for a company called South Wind Investments.

Life seems to be on track, but a growing emptiness begins to nag at our main character. Despite his casual encounters, he can’t ignore the void creeping into his routine. Is there something missing in his existence?

Things get interesting when our MC discovers a deeper connection with his coworker, Chloe, and love sparks between them. Who knew you had so much in common? However, life takes a twist when Theo introduces the MC to the world of streamers.

Who do you choose?

Meet Sophia, an exceptional content creator who grabs the MC’s attention with her gaming prowess and warm sense of humor, all without resorting to seduction. Their worlds collide when a contest victory paves the way for a surprising encounter, forever altering the course of the MC’s life.

Now, torn between two remarkable women, the MC faces a difficult choice. But love isn’t the only challenge; his life becomes a rollercoaster of hackers, theft attempts, eccentric businessmen, and envious streamers.

With surprises, cunning friendships, and plenty of suspense, the MC’s journey unfolds. Will he find love? Join us for this thrilling release from Love-Joint, filled with mysteries, captivating characters, interactive minigames, and unforgettable moments. Don’t miss it!

System Requirements:
CPU: Any modern dual-core CPU
Video: Intel HD 4400 or better (with up-to-date drivers! The GPU must be compatible with DirectX 11)
– Windows: Windows 7 or newer (64-bit only)
– macOS: Mojave (10.14) or newer (Optimized for both Intel and Apple Silicon CPUs)
– Android: Mid to high range smartphone/tablet/Chromebook running Android 4.1 or newer (built for Armv7, Arm64, x86_64)

Latest Build (Each build includes all episodes):

Episode 2 (Available to Patrons)Download on Patreon
Episode 1 – FreeDownload on Itch