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We are now releasing the very first version of DFD for free. This is the first chapter (v1.0) of DFD, a visual novel revolving around a father and partner trying to run a café. However, there are plenty of things distracting our playable character…

All characters are above 18 of course.

Any bugs or issues? Please email us at [email protected] or get in touch by joining our Discord channel.

Play online


Production: Palmer
Writing: AW
Graphics: MuseX
Programming: Ricky


 by Jorge Fernando in July 9, 2019

Do you have games for Android rio ?

 by Z in July 12, 2019

Our games should run on Android, especially Double Homework. DFD is not designed for handheld devices but should work.

 by Bry in September 18, 2019

DFD Chapter 1 will not load on my IPad.

 by Z in September 19, 2019

Please try adding it to home screen from safari and launching it from there. DFD is not specifically designed for handheld devices so you may encounter issues.

 by Derkan in January 28, 2020

i downloaded all versions however, they are not starting.What is the issue ? (I am starting from computer)

 by Zed in January 29, 2020

Hey Derkan. If you’re still having this issue, please head over to #game-help on our Discord channel!

 by Jordan in March 15, 2020

I am on my iPad, I can get on but I can’t input name on here that’s the only thing I can’t do the rest works so plz fix that one bug on all your dfd chapter so I can play it on my iPad

 by Zed in March 16, 2020

Hey Jordan, DFD is not specifically made for mobile devices so you may run into some issues.

 by Sam in April 6, 2020

For some reason my progress wolnt carry over please help

 by Zed in April 8, 2020

Hey Sam, head over to Discord if you’re still having problems!

 by Jini in April 17, 2020

Played DFD. Thanx, was great fun. But what the hack means "DFD"?

 by Gage in May 17, 2020

Hey i know the game was designed for pc and it works on some handheld devices but I was curious if u would reRelease it for mobile like iOS which I think could be fairly easy but if not I understand I will go back to pc and just pay on patreon like I was gonna!

 by Zed in May 17, 2020

Very unlikely, there is also a bunch of issues with IOS that are out of ours hands so it wouldn't be easy. Hope you manage to play!

 by Chris in March 3, 2021

How do you use the cheat codes that the game gives you on DFD?

 by Zed in March 4, 2021

Hello Chris, check on the right hand side of the main menu, the little key icon!

 by AdiX Gamer in March 25, 2021

Plzz tell when you all release double Homework ep 19 for free plzzzzzz

 by Kristopher in September 6, 2021

is it possible to make him her birth father?

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