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Recently we’ve seen a lot of troll comments here on the blog, posting under the name “Palmer” in our game releases, which is done easily by simply inputting the name and start typing and posting whatever it is you want. Anybody can do it.

It goes without saying that we would never post anything to insult anybody, whether you are a patron or play the free chapters of our games. Our games have always been free, and will always continue to be free. Nothing has changed. We do this because we love making games, and we are proud to release them without charge to people who do not want, or cannot afford to financially support the studio on Patreon. It’s as simple as that.

This blog was an additional platform we used to mainly collect feedback on our games and to make announcements of game releases, in addition to our use of Discord, Twitter and Patreon. Since that is obviously not working out here, and some people actually believing these trolls, we are disabling comments on the blog for now.

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 by Palmer in March 22, 2019

Back up!

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