by alen silva in March 21, 2019

Quando será liberado o novo jogo e as novas partes do DFD

 by Z in March 22, 2019

Hi Alen. DFD CH19 will be released on the final day of the month as usual (may be April 1st, depending on your time zone). Double Homework is also scheduled to start sometime this month, hopefully very soon!

 by johnny in July 5, 2019

hello, when will this be released for free?

 by Sam in July 7, 2019

Yes please

 by george in July 9, 2019

5 months still not free. come on lovejoint. it shouldnt take this long!!

 by John Smith in January 27, 2021

Hello. I have had all 19 chapters of your Daughter For Dessert game on my computer for a while now. Like around six months. When I first started playing DFD, it was a real pain playing one chapter at a time. But I persisted. I tried. And I got as far as Chapter 10 before I finally gave up. It's just so annoying to have a game divided into 20 different parts. Why didn't you (and why can't you) put all the chapters together into one game????? I don't get it. I've played over 200 adult games (Ren'Py, Unity, Other) and your game is the only game that I ever played that was divided into 20 separate parts. There was one or two other games divided into parts, but they only had 2-3 parts not 20 parts. Please do something about this. I'm asking for myself, as well as other people because I am sure they are annoyed by it too. And I'm asking for you because I am sure that more people would take an interest in your game(s) if you didn't inconvenience them like that.

 by Zed in January 28, 2021

Hi John. Thanks for your feedback and sorry to hear your frustrated. The releases are divided up like this as we released them monthly on Patreon, it's impossible to release bigger chapters in the monthly period - something that we have always done to give our supporters content each month. We do plan on making it into a full game one day, but have only just finished development on Double Homework, our follow up game to DFD. Hopefully time will allow us to make it into a full game one day soon.

 by John Smith in April 11, 2021

It's been 3.5 months. Have you made DFD into a full game yet, or is it still in 19 separate chapters? What's the ETA on making it a full game? One year? Five years? Twenty years? Just wondering.

 by Zed in April 12, 2021

We currently have no plans to make DFD into a full game but Double Homework we hope to do sometime soon once things settle down with out new game a little!

 by John Smith in May 15, 2021

That's not what you told me four months ago. Four months ago, your only reason for not making it a full game was because you were busy with another game. Now you are indicating that you NEVER will make it a full game. So you are one of those developers who give false hope and talks out their ass. Thanks for nothing. I hope that people stop supporting you and your games. It's complete bullshit that any game would have more than one or two segments. I've literally played thousands of Ren'py adult games and the most number of separate segments that they divided the games into were like two or three. I've never seen a game divided in 20 different parts or a game where all those parts stay separated years after the game has been completed. You are a crackhead who has no idea what he is doing or the right way to do things. Like I said, there are thousands of game developers who DON'T DO WHAT YOU DO because they actually have a brain, understanding, and some empathy.

 by John Smith in May 15, 2021

"We do plan on making it into a full game one day" Four months later... "We have no plans on making DFD a full game, but we might make a different, more recent game a full game". You are a piece of shit asshole who lies to people and talks out of his ass.

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