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Last month, we were forced to disabled comments on the blog due to trolls impersonating our developers. We are pleased to say that comments have now been reopened and that we’ve taken some additional steps to stop impersonation of our team.
We would like to make clear the names of our official Love-Joint developers: AW, Catnip, Mur, MuseX, Palmer, Ricky, Rax, Rofax, VoiceLikeCandy & Z.
From now on, no one else will be able to use these usernames other than the developer themselves. Any name that is not written exactly as above, is not official. Anyone impersonating developers will receive an IP ban from the website. We look forward to again hearing your feedback of our games here on the blog.


 by Monkey in March 20, 2019

Hi, I have been playing since chapter 2. Recently, well since chapter 15 got released for free, I have lost my game tracking, and when i restart a game it gets lost akong the way so no way to get to the latest chapters. Do you knw what or how to change it. Thanks. playing on ipad

 by Z in March 21, 2019

Hi Monkey, I'm assuming you're playing the online version as on an IPad. The only fix would be starting over or using one of our save files (You can find them here: I'm not sure how possible it is to download and upload save files on IPad, but it's worth a shot.

 by fotogaik in March 22, 2019

About backup saves: Is there a functional difference between them based on your choices? E.g., are the backups different whether you choose Heidi or Veronica? If there is a significant difference in how the story develops based on the path taken, could you provide all alternatives (fat chance, I guess?), but could you at least clarify which route was taken in the backups you provide? As for the official vs. guest nicknames, can't you simply prefix all unregistered commentators with a tilde (like it's done pretty much everywhere) or something even more visible (like "GUEST_")?

 by Z in March 22, 2019

For the most part, they are default value of the variable, so usually no-sex. They are mostly for people who lose their saves files / are having difficulty loading theirs and don't want to replay the whole game. If you really are bothered by choices I'd suggest starting over from the beginning. That would be helpful, if you know of a Wordpress plugin that would enable us to do this then I could take a look. This was the best option for now, we wanted to get comments up and running again & this was the best plugin we could find to easily stop impersonation.

 by Rezz in March 21, 2019

when ch#16 release for free any idea ??

 by Z in March 21, 2019

As soon as we can! The team is currently very busy with DFD CH19 & DH CH1.

 by mayank in March 21, 2019

the wallpaper of site has been changed. i think its of summer school. any info regarding summer school? any eta on dfd ch-16 free version?

 by Z in March 21, 2019

Yes, from our new game called Double Homework. The first chapter of it will arrive on Patreon this month. DFD CH16 will be released as soon as possible, the team are very busy with CH19 & DH right now.

 by Mr. Big Dick in March 21, 2019

Damn, those 2 on the new banner are hot! So this will be the new Game?

 by Z in March 22, 2019

Yes, that is from our new game Double Homework.

 by Fe in March 21, 2019

DFD CH 19 will be the last?

 by Z in March 21, 2019


 by Fallensnow in March 22, 2019

You guys said that you're planning on ending DFD, what will happen to use players who enjoy your free content? Will you guys make something else free or what?

 by Z in March 22, 2019

Our new game Double Homework will start before DFD ends. You still have 4 free chapters to come and I’m sure we will start the DH releases before that ends in the free chapters.

 by Palmer in March 22, 2019

As always, our games will remain free.

 by fotogaik in March 23, 2019

It depends on the comments plugin you're using. If you don't want to uproot the entire comments section and erase existing comments in the process, it's best to check if the option exists in the current plugin. If the function doesn't exist, it's still better to ask the plugin's author to implement it rather than replace the comments. (Unless the plugin isn't maintained, in which case it's smart to replace it for that reason alone.)

 by Z in March 23, 2019

We just use default Wordpress comments, this was the best fix with that really (as they are not great).

 by Chacha in March 24, 2019

It's a bit sad that DFD is getting to an end, I hope that we can get a revival with that brunette that we could pick between her and the redhead in early chapters, but on following chapters was like "no we need to be professionals here". Also I wonder if we can get to multiple endings, because even though we have DFD, I prefer some sushi

 by M in March 25, 2019

Any guesses when will dfd chapter 16 will be released for free?

 by Z in March 25, 2019

As soon as we can! The team are currently very busy working on CH19 and Double Homework.

 by M in March 26, 2019

But chapter 16 is already available for patreons why not release it for free?

 by Z in March 27, 2019

Because the free version still has to be built. It’s not exactly the same as the Patreon version. The last free chapter came out just over a month ago (we aim for every 6-8 weeks) and again the team are very busy on CH19 and DH at the moment. We will release it as soon as we have the time! :)

 by Rezz in March 26, 2019

the new game first chapter will be free or paid ??

 by Z in March 26, 2019

It will be released on Patreon first.

 by mamamama in March 27, 2019

but will it be free afterwards like DFD?

 by Z in March 28, 2019

Chapters will be released for free like always, eventually.

 by McGee in March 28, 2019

Will Chapter 19 have multiple endings, and if so, how many? Which of the past choices determine the ending(s)? I'd like to unlock all the endings, so how many is probably the biggest question I'd like answered. Thanks!

 by Z in March 28, 2019

You’ll have to wait and see! 😉 Your past choices will determined the ending you get, you’d have to replay with different save files to get the others or there will possibly be cheat codes.

 by haaaa in March 28, 2019

i know everybody has asked this question many times.. but can you give a precise date on when ch 16 will get released??

 by Z in March 28, 2019

We don’t have an exact date, as soon as we have time. The team are currently very busy working on CH19 and DH.

 by Guy in March 29, 2019

when we have time seems to be the standard answer. I’m sure you’d prefer to get to the content that pays first, sure. I think a lot of people are just questioning why it takes such an extensive amount of time to put up content that has already been made. We’re all big fans of your content. Honestly I think you would get less of these questions if you made a post explaining the process and why it takes such a long time. Would prob get more subs too if we had some kind of reasoning.

 by Palmer in March 30, 2019

GuyFaux; Okay, so before we have time then? :D We release all our games for free. Since you have been here many times before, you already know this. It sometimes takes time to develop two games while launching a new engine at the same time for that new game in one month. We'll release next free chapter of DFD asap. Thank you so much for your support bud!

 by fotogaik in March 28, 2019

You would probably have to check in the comments plugin you are using, unless you are willing to uproot and possibly erase all comments in the process. If there's no such functionality, maybe ask the plugin's owner about this feature, it's probably something that's trivial to implement and would be very helpful.

 by Z in March 28, 2019

Thank you for the suggestion! This was the best option for now.

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