by Aaron in March 30, 2019

Hey guys, ¿Did you ever thought about getting a 5$ patreon who gets the game but 1 week later or so?, it's because a lot of ppl who aren't willing to pay 10$ each month could join if you offer a 5$ patreon instead but they don't get the same as 10$ Patreon, not necesary working in a new version like the free one, but maybe getting the full version 1 or 2 weeks later than the normal one. Sorry, not english speaker but i always thought in something like this ^^

 by Palmer in March 30, 2019

We opt to instead release the game for free to everyone.

 by harry in April 4, 2019

hey i love your work followed from the start. im a free user so it pains me to say this as im sure it means il have to wait longer but DH is playable for free on gamecore.com so i guess there is somthing wrong with your program?

 by Phukurma in March 30, 2019

OMG!! THIS LOOKS AWESOME!! i will be heartbroken when DFD ends, but this might soften the blow a little.

 by Z in March 30, 2019

We hope you enjoy it!

 by Palmer in April 26, 2019

Only season 1 of DFD will end :)

 by David Kearney in March 31, 2019

Another good game Palmer. Question for everyone: it's running really slow and lagged on my pc, could that probably be because of my internet cache?

 by Z in March 31, 2019

Make sure ‘use hardware acceleration when available’ is enabled in your browser settings. If not, try lowering the resolution in the settings.

 by Ricky in March 31, 2019

Go to Chrome settings and make sure "Use hardware acceleration when available" is enabled.

 by Guttorm arsenal in March 31, 2019

Hello someone of the staff I would love to buy patreon but I live in the Netherlands and we pay with euros not dollars is that a problem

 by Z in March 31, 2019

That is no problem at all, it’ll all be done automatically through Patreon!

 by JT in March 31, 2019

Is there a Patreon level in which we can download the game and play offline?

 by Z in March 31, 2019

Patreon versions are online only, free versions are online or downloadable.

 by Schinneyder in April 1, 2019

Hi, I'm a brazilian player who really loves this game, but I wanted to ask you to translate to other languages like portuguese because it makes it very difficult for those who do not know english.

 by sam in April 2, 2019

What is double homework about?

 by Z in April 2, 2019

We won’t give too much away yet but... You live and go to school with two girls, I’m sure they’ll be some fun along the way!

 by Jan in April 9, 2019

When will this one be free?

 by Bill in April 9, 2019

it already leaked lol check gamcore

 by Fanboi in April 12, 2019

I'm a free user, so I couldnt play it yet - but judging from the image(s) shown, it looks damn hot! Can you please tell me (or us, if I guess right), when the downloadable free version will be out - will it be 4 weeks or more like 3 months?

 by Rezz in April 12, 2019

i'm with you ! WAIT wait no more Wait please

 by timmy in April 15, 2019

It go leaked check gamcore or f95 played it last week LOL

 by 10$ in April 17, 2019

Is this really got leaked or just a rumour ????

 by Henrique ZzZ in April 19, 2019

Hello. I'm a fan and I love DFD series, but I have two questions. Are any of the developers Brazilian? (I saw two memes from Brazil in the game). And my actions will change the end of the game? Because I'm not cheating on Amanda and I'm losing a lot of content, I feel that I'm not playing this rigth.

 by Z in April 20, 2019

Hey! Thank you for the support. Your choices will have an impact on the ending you receive, yes!

 by Henrique ZzZ in April 21, 2019

Thanks for answering me Z, now I can play without feeling uncomfortable.

 by Z in April 21, 2019

No worries, hope you enjoy!

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