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Here is your first look at the title screen for Double Homework – Episode 2, which will be released on Patreon this month (and of course for free at a later date). 

We’ve loved hearing your feedback from the first episode and are super excited for you to see where this story goes. 

The development team are currently play testing DFD CH19, so patrons can also look forward to the release of that very soon! 

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 by Leo in April 27, 2019

Will the rest of DfD and Double Homework be free at a later date? Either way, I just wanna say DfD is amazing and DH looks up to par. Thanks for the great work

 by Z in April 27, 2019

Of course, our games will always be free! Really glad to hear that, thank you for the support!

 by Daaku々Daddy in April 27, 2019

You guys are doing a great job. Your whole team has taken erotic gaming go whole new level. Thank you guys! ☺️

 by Z in April 27, 2019

Thank you so much for the support! ❤️

 by Johnny in April 28, 2019

Loving DH even more than DFD - great job setting the bar higher and higher! Quick question: will the choices in the first couple of episodes influence the story in a major way, or same as in DFD actions in the first several episodes are repercusion-free?

 by Z in April 29, 2019

Choices will have an effect, like with DFD the choices may not come fully into play until towards the end.

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