by David Kearney in May 2, 2019

Good episode. It feels really slow-paced but I understand you need to develop the story before the relationships. Question though: is her name pronounced Johanna or Joanna and the H is silent?

 by Z in May 3, 2019

Glad you enjoyed it! Very good question, would be one for AW and Palmer to answer!

 by Rezz in May 2, 2019

what is for us who wanna play for free

 by Moe in May 2, 2019

Yes what about free chapters?!

 by Z in May 3, 2019

Chapter 16 was released at the end of March, we aim to release free chapters every 6/8 weeks although more recently it’s been 4/5 weeks. DH2 and CH19 have been a massive priority and we will get to the next free release as soon as we can!

 by Jack in May 2, 2019

where the free episodes???

 by Unknown User in May 5, 2019

Uhm one question.Double Homework ep 1 is free because i see it for free on a site.

 by Z in May 6, 2019

DFD has been getting the exact same amount of releases as normal (it’s final chapter, 19, was just released on Patreon. Last free release was well in our time frame). Development of DH doesn’t affect the releases of DFD as there is more teams working on both.

 by mamamama in May 7, 2019

is there any way that i can play the downloaded versions from chapter 15. If yes then where can i get the saved data.. pls help

 by David in May 7, 2019

New 10$ member here. You really need to upgrade your website. Searching for previous episode of DFD is a pain in th a**. Add at least a game section with a link to each episode all in the same place, please! Otherwise, your games are awesome! Keep going ;)

 by Z in May 7, 2019

Hi David! Apologies you’ve had trouble finding certain chapters. We are working on the website but for the Patreon chapters it would be best to use the Patreon overview! Thank you for the support! :)

 by Al One in May 10, 2019

Came across DH ep1 an ep2 and DFD ch17 on gamcore, didn't know the made it out to free play yet. Looking forward to more of the teams work in the future.

 by Calle in May 17, 2019

This game is just amazing. Took my interest even more than DFD! Your way of developing the story, the relationships between the charachters and the language slang that you use make the game feel outstanding :)

 by Z in May 18, 2019

Thank you for the support Calle! Glad you are enjoying it! :)

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