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Firstly we would like to thank you for the amazing support on DFD CH19 & Double Homework – Episode 2, along with a big thank you to all the players that shared their feedback and reported issues.

Chapter 19 took us longer than expected, but we managed to improve the chapter quite a bit during the extra weeks we spent working on it. We truly appreciate your patience during this process, we definitely hope you enjoyed DFD as much as we did making it.

Starting in May, we will release a new version of what happened with each girl after their ending. This will be available to $10/$20 patrons every month.

Also don’t forget we will be releasing the beta of our upcoming Anime game this month on Patreon, along with another episode of Double Homework. And of course, new $20 rewards.


 by Daniel. in May 5, 2019

I can't wait to see what you guys will release.

 by raeden in May 8, 2019

Just a quick question: Is Amanda's scene, at the beach, the only scene in Chapter17? Because I chose to stay with Kathy (Chapter16), so i refused to "do it" with Amanda. (kathy) It said that she could move to our appartment, but in this chapter looked like she doesn't even care. Am I missing something? You are doing a great job! Thank you to all the team!

 by Z in May 9, 2019

Hello Raden! Apart from the selfies, that is all in this chapter. Thank you for the support, we appreciate it! :)

 by raeden in May 9, 2019

Thank you Z, but the only selfie i got was from Moe. I can see at the end of chapter 16 that i was supposed to get other ones. I think I missed something.

 by Z in May 10, 2019

It all does depend on your choices!

 by Jerry in May 10, 2019

why u you didn't realease the free version of DFD ch17 I 've waited for 2 months

 by Z in May 10, 2019

Checkout Beta Testing in our Discord! :)

 by Sam in December 1, 2019

Where do i get dfd's chapter 19 game to play

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