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As stated before, in addition to Double Homework and our anime game coming out this month, we’re also releasing our first epilogue to DFD. First out is Kathy! These three releases will be available to all $10 patrons.

$20 patrons this month will also receive a special bonus scene from Double Homework, which is… pretty amazing!

You can find our Patreon page here.


 by bridgett woodall in May 30, 2019


 by Dark in May 31, 2019

Three releases mean one of the girls will not be getting one? Really hope for one with Lily!!

 by Z in May 31, 2019

That meant three releases this month, each main girl will receive an epilogue!

 by Dark in May 31, 2019

Ah great, thank you! One epilogue per girl or more is planned?

 by Z in May 31, 2019

One epilogue per girl is the current plan!

 by Raeden in May 31, 2019

Will epilogues be free too?

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