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The first DFD Epilogue has been released to $10/$20 patrons!

First up is Kathy. This is the first of four (scheduled to be released monthly on Patreon) planned epilogues following each girl after the events of DFD CH19, maybe we’ll also do one with Moe, who knows!

Visit the Patreon post to play now!


 by Shutra in June 3, 2019

Will these epilogues be released for free later?

 by VZ in June 3, 2019

Yes, all their games are released for free at later times, usually the free versions are two months behind current releases? Don't quote me on the exact time.

 by Kashish in June 12, 2019

Hey man I really love the dfd's an amazing, awkward but very enjoyable story ....maybe it's time where U guys can take the story forward anywhere u want all the characters or some in different seasons....maybe dfd will be the face of your of your company u know.... Even if it's for your own interests u are making the games we fans can only hope and request right?? I really wanna tell more if I get a reply!!!

 by Z in June 14, 2019

Hello Kashish, I’m glad you enjoyed DFD. The team have been working on this for over 19 months, so it was coming to an end and time to work on something else. As Palmer has said, nothing planned yet but maybe there could be a season two in the future. I hope you do enjoy Double Homework and future projects we do, and who knows, maybe some more DFD in the future. Thank you for the support!

 by benis in September 9, 2019

not being released for free apparently

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