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This is the first episode of Double Homework, a story about a guy undergoing a very tough time in his life, due to an incident that literally changed him forever. Fortunately, he lives together with two girls, and he focuses on trying to break the bad cycle he has fallen into.

Mobile support is currently beta and issues can potentially appear. The only supported browser for mobile is Chrome. To get fullscreen, open the game, tap the options button of the browser (“…”) and select “Add to Homescreen”. This option is also available on iOS under the share icon.

Important: Do NOT minimize the game while playing on mobile, as your system may kill it and you will lose your progress. Make sure to save before you leave the game.

Any bugs or issues? Please email us at [email protected] or get in touch by joining our Discord channel. Want to upload this game onto your website? Please email [email protected] for details.

If you like this, please support the development of DH, and our other projects by going to our Patreon and supporting us, while getting the chapters before anybody else and other Patreon exclusives!

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Game Design: Palmer

Writing: AW

Graphics: MuseX & Catnip

Programming: Ricky


 by DukeLeto7 in June 14, 2019

No downloadable version?

 by asdasa in June 14, 2019

Such a great game, thank you!

 by Z in June 14, 2019

Glad you enjoyed it!

 by Lutazar in June 15, 2019

Pretty interesting, guys! really enjoyed!! But I was really interested in the location of the actions. DFD was obvious - USA, but DH looks like something in Western Europe. Is it so?

 by Noixx in June 15, 2019

Please provide downloadable version like DFD. I dont have very good internet to actually play this game online enjoy the game as it needs time to load up. I would very much appreciate a downloadable version. Thanks for your efforts guys. I love your games.

 by Ade in June 16, 2019

Great work, thank you!

 by TheOne in June 16, 2019

Will there be a downloadable version just like DFD? I prefer playing it through a client instead of a browser.

 by BootyWarrior in June 17, 2019

The soundtrack for this game is already looking great. And Johanna's looking like a S class Waifu.

 by Gravenur in June 17, 2019

This game looks beautiful and very well written, and the new HUD changes are awesome, keep up the good work ! ;)

 by Z in June 18, 2019

Hi Gravenur. Glad you’re enjoying Double Homework, thank you for the support!

 by Rezz in June 19, 2019

please upload dfd 18 now

 by ytg_77 in June 21, 2019

Why isnt DFD Ch18 released now?

 by Macjy in June 22, 2019

Dfd ch18 pls thanks

 by doctor zic in June 22, 2019

i think u should be finish dfd first then the other game. i was waiting for dfd 18 and u gave us this so sad

 by Jester9055 in June 23, 2019

Wanna ask when you are going to upload DFD ch18 , ch19 and epilogue free and if you can make wainting between patron release and free release shorter... thx for every answer... btw wanna ask the same about Double Homework too :)

 by Mitsuba in June 23, 2019

Short off topic question does the game stranded with her will every get a story update so that we can play the part after the rescue or will you just add the minigames and stuff? I really enjoyed the game and hope to see more of it in the future

 by Jester9055 in June 23, 2019

Hi cause i played all of games from you that are free now i wanna ask if somebody or you Z can recommend some games similar to DFD and DH thx for every answer :D

 by Ruslan in June 26, 2019

is there downloadable version?

 by Z in June 27, 2019

Not at this time.

 by Player in July 13, 2019

Will There Be Downloadable Versions At Some Point?

 by Z in July 13, 2019

Hi Player, for now we will only be releasing online versions. If anything changes in the future, we will let you know!

 by devin in July 31, 2019

Its sad because i can relate to staying in my room for months

 by Viridian in August 19, 2019

Any way to download the soundtrack???

 by Cyball in November 9, 2019

Is there a tutorial or an answer outcome sheet available?

 by Z in November 11, 2019

Not right now, the DFD was not made by us so we encourage people to make one if they wish!

 by Bill Dauterive in December 24, 2019

Wow! You all never cease to amaze with your story craft! I started playing your games for sexual content, but I really hardly even care if a given episode of DH includes any. How could I care, when part 1 as a whole was crafted so well, that it doesn't even need sexual content to carry it through. I clicked through the sexy previews of episode 2 (At the end of episode 1) without bothering to view them, because I was so excited to know how the recovery story continues! Cripes! Well done, all of you, i just can't believe the quality! P.S: Your choice of music is PERFECT!

 by Z in December 26, 2019

I’m so glad you enjoyed it, the music choice is very popular for sure. Hope you continue to enjoy DH!

 by dodag in February 14, 2020

How can I save the game so I can pick up where I left off?

 by Gola Khinda in February 19, 2020

I wish you could also provide a download link as it is difficult to play online and your dfd series was very good I think I may enjoy this one like that.

 by Zed in February 19, 2020

Hey Gola! What problems are you having trying to play online?

 by Jon in December 13, 2022

The game in the browser runs super slow, would be a thousand times better if you provided a downloadable version.

 by Zed in February 28, 2023

We hope to do that one day, but have other projects we have to prioritise first!

 by DougEcho in February 22, 2020

The lack of a downloadable version is disappointing. I really enjoyed that feature with DfD

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