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Game Development

MuseX and Catnip have done a fantastic job, and this scene is a lot more sexual than what was in the last episode. Due to TOS, we can’t really talk a lot about what actually happens in this long scene. However, compared to the last episode, this scene is a lot mot detailed and complex, yet doesn’t screw up the DH story. I would definitely say it’s something you don’t want to miss. Also; Lauren is kinda hot, right?

Summary: A lot more action and events in this month’s bonus scene.

Also keep in mind if you’re a $20 patron, you get access to everything we’ve ever released on that tier (which is a lot).

But as usual, the most important thing is that you like what we do and want us to continue doing it.

You guys are awesome! Thank you so much for your support, and all of us hope you had a great weekend!

/ Palmer


 by Smarty Wolfie in June 25, 2019

When will DFD ch 18 released for free?!

 by Z in June 26, 2019

We currently have no ETA for this, stay tuned to our social channels for more updates!

 by OlegRick in June 25, 2019

It looks really awesome! I feel guilty cause of playing for free, I've tried to become a patreon several times, but my card isn't accepted, probably because it's Union pay. In the future I would like to become a patreon though when I get another card

 by Z in June 26, 2019

Thank you Rick! Never feel guilty or apologise for that, we release them for free for a reason! ❤️

 by Nikolai in June 30, 2019

Is this extended scene going to become free after certain time, Or is it going to stay for 20$ patreons?

 by ali in August 11, 2019


 by Wong in February 13, 2021

Hello,I do not know if you can see this comment,I am a chinese ,and it is hard to be a Patreon ,so I wonder if this EXTENDED SCENE is the cheat code

 by Zed in February 13, 2021

Hey Wong! All $20 bonuses are Patreon only. They usually include an extra bonus (visual only) scene along with some cheat codes for the episode.

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