by David Kearney in July 1, 2019

I loved that ending but ya'll are killing me with this Johanna slow burn man. Hope things pick up next month.

 by Z in July 1, 2019

Glad you enjoyed it David! We’ll have to wait and see... 😉

 by OlegRick in July 1, 2019

feels like you release this game really quickly

 by Z in July 1, 2019

We release it monthly on Patreon, just like we did with DFD!

 by Bunny in July 2, 2019

When will we get DFD ch 18 for free it’s 7 weeks now!??

 by Z in July 2, 2019

We currently have no ETA for this.

 by Ruslan in July 3, 2019

why you not add downloadable version of DoubleHomework

 by Shah in July 5, 2019

What happened to ch18 DFD? Will it not be released for free,,, Plzz release it ASAP.. I don't wanna start double homework without completing DFD SERIES...

 by Z in July 5, 2019

Hello Sash, it will be released for free. We have no ETA for this right now.

 by TRa in July 5, 2019

My one and only hope is that nothing bad will be revealed about Johanna (it was sort of hinted even in Ep. 1 ...), it would broke too may hearts! Quick and dumb question - if I were to go for the 20$ tier, does this retrospectively let you play all the past content that was available for 20$ patreons? Or would it only give you access to 20$ content from that point onwards? Many thanks!

 by Z in July 8, 2019

Hello TRa, yes you can access all former $20 bonus content!

 by Mackygee in July 11, 2019

Can we atleast get an explanation why there's a delay on dfd? Please don't answer with "we don't have eta"

 by Wolfie in July 11, 2019

You said it took maximum 8 weeks to release free version and it’s more than 8 weeks still not released DFD ch 18. Why? Is there any problem?

 by Z in July 13, 2019

Hi Wolfie, the 6-8 weeks is not set in stone, that’s why we have always said “we aim” to release it during this time frame. There is no specific reason other than the team are working insanely hard over all our projects, the CH19 delay didn’t help things and we will get it out as soon as we can. We appreciate your patience and stay tuned here and on our Discord for updates!

 by Netsrak19 in July 11, 2019

Stop asking whenndfd is gonna be released z has said several times that there is no eta and that they're having to start dh and there would be a delay of dfd. I am also waiting on dfd but im not wining about it because they aren't obligated to make it free they do so for the people who love to play it but can't afford it or because of other reasons. Give it time wait patiently and they wil release it when they see fit And to the creator's of these games i like them and keep going Ps please dont mind the bad english im self thought this is a 2nd language to me

 by Wolfie in July 12, 2019

See Netsrak19 DFD was released first so according to sequence they have to release DFD chapters so that one game will be ended then we can play DH I know team is working on DH and that is the issue why they are releasing DH for free first release DFD remaining chapters for free. I thank to the team for releasing the games for free. I am just saying release the games in sequence.

 by Z in July 13, 2019

Hi Wolfie, we understand it can be frustrating to wait for chapters and we appreciate your patience. Double Homework is not linked to DFD so they can be played at the same time, I understand that you may want to complete DFD first, we aim to get the next chapter out as soon as we can. In the meantime I hope you can enjoy Double Homework and stay tuned for updates.

 by Z in July 13, 2019

Hi Netsrak, DFD CH19 was delayed which hasn’t completely helped things, but yes the 6-8 weeks is not set in stone and is an aim. Thank you for the nice comment and we really appreciate your patience. I hope you continue to enjoy the games and are enjoying the start of Double Homework! ❤️

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