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Game Release

Double Homework Episode 5 has been released for $10 & $20 patrons!

Go to the full Patreon post to play now!


 by David Kearney in August 1, 2019

Damn dude, I asked ya'll to spice things up with Johanna and Palmer and the crew Did Not disappoint. Great chapter all around.

 by Z in August 2, 2019

Glad you enjoyed it David!

 by Rick in August 1, 2019

great work but i’ve got a question. My question is when will episode 4 get released for free?

 by Liu Bei in August 1, 2019

They just released Chapter 3 for free on July 26th. There's no specific timetable, but free releases generally happen every 4 to 6 weeks. I'd say sometime late August at the earlier for Chapter 4 to be released for free.

 by Z in August 2, 2019

No current ETA for this as we just released Episode 3 for free, stay tuned here and on Discord for future updates!

 by romario in August 24, 2019

when will episode 5 be for free

 by romario in August 24, 2019

Great game so far but i have question is when episode 5 going to be releashed for ?

 by domenic in September 1, 2019

when will chapter 5 be free

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