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Game Release

DFD Epilogue: Heidi has been released for $10/$20 patrons!

Please read the full post over at Patreon to play now.


 by Drew in September 2, 2019

Time for Lily! :)

 by Z in September 2, 2019

You excited Drew? 😀

 by Drew in September 2, 2019

You bet I am. :) Lily is the best DFD character for me, good thing DH has someone with similar qualities. ;)

 by Zane Truesdale in September 3, 2019

Those epilogues will be free someday?

 by Anon in September 3, 2019

anyone word on DH 5 or DFD 19 going free??

 by Dave in September 6, 2019

Heidi, my favourite.

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