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This month’s $20 bonus scene: We’ve seen a lot of comments, especially in our Discord server, saying they would want a scene with MC+Amanda+Kathy. I don’t know why we haven’t done it before, but this month you’re finally getting it in 1080p! Also keep in mind if you are a $20 patron, you will get access to everything we’ve ever published on Patreon, which is a lot.

We’re also really patiently waiting for your feedback on DH Ep7 this month. The episode is packed with a lot of content you’ve been waiting for! 

And we of course cannot forget about the Lily epilogue, which is coming this month too!

Download the full 1080p picture attached here.


 by Daniel in September 11, 2019

I really wish i could be a patron. But being a south american, $ is really expensive. Can't afford use 10~15% of my monthly payment to this. Thanks for the free content, keep up the good work!

 by buu in September 13, 2019

did u guys forget chapter 19 or what?

 by Crushin in September 15, 2019

Yeah bro, I've been waiting for so long time. Please release the last chapter (DFDChapter19) I would like to be patreon but I dunno how to pay.

 by OlegRick in September 13, 2019

well, I'm not a patron for some reasons, but reading comments from specific non-patrons is hilarious. these people don't just release several chapters for free for some kind of getting attention stuff, but the whole game chapter by chapter. it's their choice, as a choice or opportunity of some people to become patrons. so thanks to you for producing and releasing the games and thanks to those who keep being patrons so that the production continues. Otherwise, there could be NO free games at all.

 by Z in September 15, 2019

Thank you Rick, really appreciate this comment!

 by Gamer in October 27, 2019

what's wrong with you?

 by max in September 14, 2019

seems logical, since she already tried to 'corrupt' heidi ;) . Just by curiosity, you think an eventual mfm is a possibility? like as a gift to one of them or something :) PS: Please forget i ever talk about this if you are thinking something with Mortelli or Saul XD

 by Larry in September 14, 2019

Would be great if you could prepare a document describing the content of all bonus scenes - would help in deciding whether to switch to $20. ;)

 by Z in September 15, 2019

We’ll take a look Larry, you should be able to see previews of all the bonus stuff over on Patreon!

 by Alguien09 in September 27, 2019

Para cuándo el último capítulo gratis de DFD. Se les fue la mano con la demora. Ya ni me acuerdo lo último que jugué. El que mucho abarca poco aprieta...

 by Gamer in October 27, 2019

I tried to play Daughter for Desert, but I cannot get passed Chapter 16. It's not possible to save the game and I can't play Chapter 17 because of it. I'm stuck and I cannot finish the game! PLEASE FIX THIS!!!

 by Z in October 30, 2019

The game is called DFD. Please head over to our Discord so we can assist you!

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