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A lot of things are happening in the next episode of Double Homework coming this month on Patreon! I think a lot of you will be surprised and definitely enjoy this one as much as we do making it! The image above is obviously a screenshot from the next episode, and it turns out libraries are not only good for reading books. Stay tuned for more previews!

Click here to download the 1080p image attached to this post (work in progress)


 by OlegRick in September 21, 2019

oh ho ho! things are escalating indeed

 by Franklin D in September 22, 2019

Will the last dfd ever be free? Not complaining, just curious.

 by Z in September 29, 2019

Yes it will be free, we have no ETA on a release date however.

 by Barry Olsen in October 1, 2019

You have no ETA? Why is it taking so long though?

 by sally in October 7, 2019

Great episode have played 2 times already

 by John in October 7, 2019

Another episode pleasee

 by SAmith in October 7, 2019


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