by Chrbre in October 1, 2019

this game is so damn good and DFD was equally amazing, keep up the good work

 by David Kearney in October 1, 2019

Another good chapter all around except for Tamara's manipulation. Also can I please pinch Dennis, I really want to punch Dennis.

 by Jack in October 1, 2019

I have been waiting for Tamara to get some limelight (and some action) and this really delivered. It went exactly how I feel it should given her personality we know so far. Great episode and a great story, I'm drawn into the story and characters more than I was in DFD. Keep up the great work!

 by James in October 3, 2019

When will episode 6 release for free?

 by OlegRick in October 8, 2019

hello guys! looks like the patreon has finally accepted my pledge, before that for some reason it was declined all the time, probably it's cause of the Chinese bank card. anyways, I finally did it! I couldn't wait to see the ending of DFD, now I can do it :D thanks for letting us see the episodes for free, now I can give my thanks properly

 by Z in October 10, 2019

Glad you got it sorted, thank you for the support, enjoy!

 by Kyle8 in October 9, 2019

Has there been a decision on DH Episode 6's free release date?

 by Smarty Wolfie in October 10, 2019

any ETA for DFD ch 19 free?

 by Vendicatore in October 16, 2019

Is there an estimate on when the free version is coming out

 by david den in October 28, 2019

*spoiler* What secret tamara is talking about at the end? did i miss something or do we not know yet?

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