by David Kearney in November 2, 2019

I think Amy is officially my new favorite girl now, thanks for this chapter.

 by Z in November 2, 2019

She’s beautiful right, glad you enjoyed it!

 by Nacho in November 2, 2019

I love this game! I want to play this chapter so bad :( Unfortunately I have no money to access Patreon. But I look forward to your posting the free version.

 by ME in November 3, 2019

I can’t wait for the next chapter!

 by S in November 4, 2019

When we are goingto get dfd last chapter for free

 by Liu Bei in November 5, 2019

I've always defended the devs and cautioned patience in the past, but nearly half a year since the last chapter of DFD was released (for free) is a bit long, to be honest.

 by ram in November 5, 2019

After playing dfd ch19 and all the epilogues....definitely excited and down for a season 2..but, I wonder where all the characters go from there..as all of them had their definitive endings...but really hope you guys can pull it off!! Btw patreon for first time here ...

 by Anon371837 in November 5, 2019

Ive seen people get angry at them for not releasing dfd. I mean yeah, i cant pay either and its taking very long, ofcourse. But its not like they owe us anything. They work their asses off for this and we give nothing in return so you should all be grateful. Just be patient and eventually you will see it. Or not, thats fine too. Again, they dont owe us shit.

 by Josh Marcos in November 5, 2019

I wonder how I was able to play DH Ep7 for free as soon as it was released only to patrons. Now I want to play the free version of Ep8. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

 by ShepardRahl in November 6, 2019

Why is Double Homework online only and not available to download like DFD is?

 by Z in November 9, 2019

It was a decision to help keep the game completely up to date and maintain full control over updates. We're currently working on ways to download again, stay tuned!

 by yeetboi in November 8, 2019

so is this gonna be a monthly thing or something else here i'm just glad its not out during the no nut november season because amy is my favorite character and i wouldn't stop myself (still wish for a release DATE so that ill tally off the calendar but hey no rush i like dem quaility in dem tiddes) im glad that amy is finally getting some action here since literally all the action has been on mainly lauren rachel and the girls you name (i named them alex and tori since they fit them so well) but amy and morgan are literally friendzoning you throughout the story so far and that mad me sad therefore im glad i saw this preview teaser

 by Garrett in December 7, 2019

What’s the discord?

 by Westman57 in November 10, 2019

When will it go public? Because not everyone can afford to buy it and play it, too unfair

 by Z in November 11, 2019

It's not unfair considering we release all our games for free, Patreon is extremely important to help us continue release games for free. We don't set release dates in advance, keep an eye on here and our Discord for future updates.

 by Eastman57 in December 4, 2019

Westman57, it costs time and money to make these dude. They could not release any of these games/episodes for free and it would be completely fair. Christ man, r/Choosingbeggars.

 by Feldspar in December 6, 2019

Any ETA on the public release for this episode? It's been about a month so just curious

 by Johnny in December 15, 2019

I hace to say you guys are true artists whenever i get a job i hope i can pay to show my support of your amazing stories thanks for the amazing content

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