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Some more Double Homework – Episode 9 previews? (First posted by Palmer on Patreon)

Why not…

First up, the beautiful Lauren! Hopefully you have at this point noticed the characters from Double Homework are very different from each other. The reason behind that is at least two fold: First of all, people are different and it just feels more realistic that way. Secondly, it gives you the option to go for one (or more if you can) that you are attracted to. Also, some of these characters have a closer relationship than you might think, by the way.

Tamara is one of my favorite characters in Double Homework for a number of reasons. She’s basically the complete opposite of Johanna, but she obviously has her own reasons as to why she is acting the way she does (some of which you already know, or should know, and some of which you don’t). She is certainly complicated with a great character arc. Can’t wait to share it with you!

Things at home between the MC and our two beloved redheads are naturally heating up. After all, their relationship is already very close. And it’s getting closer, literally.

What we have planned for you this month when it comes to Tamara is… awesome. In fact, it’s probably one of my favorite game ideas I’ve ever come up with. You’ll see why very soon.

More previews to come. And don’t forget it’s only 4 days until release!


 by ep 7 lover in November 27, 2019

release ep 7 for free for us plebs

 by Phukurma in December 5, 2019

you can find DH episode 7 on Gamcore

 by Rock Lee in November 27, 2019

I feel bad for the post below, he forgot to use "thank you" and "please". I'm anxious to play episode 7 too, but I hope other people remember that we aren't entitled to anything.

 by Auo in November 27, 2019

Will things progress a bit with Morgan? :)

 by Akatsuki in November 28, 2019

Hi! Just came here to say that I binged up to Ep 6 and found it absolutely awesome. Been feeling a bit of a void so I've been browsing comments and forums. It's quite sad that not everyone appreciates the work you guys put in, and some of the complains and criticisms on the forums are so unwarranted. (However well you guys seem to be taking them.) So thought I would thank you guys for the amazing job so far. Really really wanna support your patreon as appreciation(also for the content), but I'm dead broke. Though I promise I would as soon as I'm able to. P.S I enjoyed the style of "Play with Us" as it was easier to find the scenes and endings after a few replays. So I'm slightly worried if I have to replay from Ep 1 everytime if I wanted to see all the possiblities, since the choices carry over, and you guys have been saying how choices would matter soon.

 by Raymond in January 20, 2020

i love this game

 by Zed in January 20, 2020

Glad you are enjoying it Raymond! :)

 by Majo Moja in February 7, 2020

When will we be able to play this chapter for free? I loved your games Including DFD

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