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To enable the cheat, click the cheats button in the main menu (key icon at the right corner). Type “play-double-homework-too” (without quotes). Press the Check button. Return to the main menu and start a new game.


 by nick in January 28, 2020

hi, I am a big fan of your games, but i am Unable to download epilogue after 19th chapters can you check why.

 by Zed in January 29, 2020

Hello! The epilogues are included on the end of the free version, you don’t have to download anything separately.

 by Cooper in November 20, 2020

Is there an easy way to see all the endings without playing through them all again?

 by Zed in November 20, 2020

Hey! Yes there is a cheat code. It's on the post you commented on, and let's you explore the other options. There is also a walkthrough here!

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