by Storm in February 1, 2020

On mobile, past the group picture, the game doesn’t resume and stays on a black screen :/

 by Zed in February 4, 2020

Hello Storm, are you still having this problem? Please read the post for our advice when playing on mobile!

 by djohnnyroomservice in February 1, 2020

this is just overkill all the girls on 1 spot all in bikini what is going on here

 by 😐 in February 2, 2020

When is episode 9 gonna be released?

 by NotSoRandomDude in February 2, 2020

Now, we're officially 3 episodes behind :D

 by A in February 2, 2020

When is episode 9 will be released for free 😶?

 by Karl in February 3, 2020

Please release episode 9 and 10 for free soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

 by Michael in February 4, 2020

I don’t want to sound entitled, but you guys have fans out here who don’t have the extra money to support you every month that are waiting somewhat patiently for more episodes. I’m fine with waiting longer but the patrons that pay 20 bucks are getting extra scenes and episodes as soon as they come out and the free guys are about 4 episodes behind now. Just saying to not forget about your “freebie” fan base.

 by mskn01 in February 4, 2020

Just release Ep 9 and 10 goddamit. Not all of us can pay 20 bucks but we still await eagerly for the episodes to come out, so how about you pay a li'l more attention to those who hang around for 2-3 months just for another 20 min long episode which may or may not have any sex scenes

 by Zed in February 7, 2020

We last released an episode of Double Homework for free just over a month ago, we do pay attention to it. We appreciate that not everyone can afford to be a patron member, that is why we release all our games for free eventually. For people to think we 'forget' about free players is absurd, we've released an episode for free almost monthly currently. We do not have a set schedule, and we recently explained why we don't.

 by Vendetta in February 4, 2020

Ive been patiently waiting for so long for the release of episode 9 please make it happen cause not all fans can afford patreon

 by Zed in February 7, 2020

We understand that, of course we appreciate anyone who plays our games, that is why we release them for free.

 by Truesdale in February 6, 2020

Man, I feel sick reading those comments... Feels like you guys HAVE to do what they say. Just chill a bit, they'll release when it's done, so sh*t up and be grateful by the work Z, Palmer and others are doing. Oh and, thanks for the game, I think it's been amazing so far.

 by PalmerFan in February 6, 2020

Right? I'm glad you said something. I was starting to think I was the only one over here thinking, "It's free, why are you complaining?" It's not like they set a specific schedule and missed a date or something. Either pay to support their efforts and get it sooner or wait patiently for when they're ready. I think it's just awesome they release all this great content free. They don't have to do that at all!

 by Truesdale in February 7, 2020

Yeah, but even if they did a schedule, I don't care about it, you know? We are talking about (by my way to see things) about a high quality game here, and it's for free after all, so I don't get it why people are so frustrated. Yeah, they are probably late to post eps, but who cares? They might have their reasons and we don't have to remember his works every single day. I am excited to play new episodes too, but we have to understand they are doing what they can, so we just have to wait and don't matter how long.

 by Joe in February 11, 2020

Love your work and can't wait for the next one

 by yeety69420 in February 12, 2020

i know that the comments right now are full of demands for the next episode and i know it's not gonna happen but what if something special happened on valentines day?

 by yeety69420 in February 12, 2020

I understand that the comments are full of people who cant be patient right now but i would just like to ask if anything special is happening on valentines day?

 by Vendetta in February 13, 2020

Episode 9 should come out on valentines day for us lonely people aha that’d be good

 by varag in February 14, 2020

come on guys...we are suffering here in valentines day..atleast release them now....make our day awesome...

 by Spud in February 18, 2020

Alredy saw episode 11 , awesome work and I love it. But if ,,Blank'' planned all that scene at the end ,,Blank'' is not gonna be one of my favourite characters.

 by luis in February 22, 2020

When is episode 12 going to come out.

 by Zed in February 23, 2020

At the end of this month for patrons :)

 by Damo in February 24, 2020

What date for episode 12

 by Zed in February 24, 2020

End of the month for patrons!

 by Joe in June 6, 2020

If I pay $20 will I get bonus scenes from episodes that are already free or are they like a limited offer?

 by Zed in June 8, 2020

Hey, if you become a $20 patron you will receive all content ever posted in that tier!

 by Shayan in March 14, 2020

Sorry I leave in a country that I can't pay the money when this game is going to be released for free so that I can play it

 by Shayan in March 14, 2020

I mean the episode 11 and 12

 by Zed in March 16, 2020

Hey! We have no ETA for Episode 11 just yet, we only just put out Episode 10 for free!

 by Jake in March 29, 2020

Can episode 11 be free

 by Jake in March 31, 2020

when is episode 11 and 12 will be free

 by Zed in April 1, 2020

No ETA right now.

 by Jake in March 31, 2020

When is episode 11 will be free

 by Kyler in April 2, 2020

I just want to say i love the game and plan on supporting your patreon when i get a job. I know this must be repetitive but when is episode 11 released for free?

 by Blaine in April 8, 2020

Hi Zed If I pay $20 per month can I watch Melody as well as double homework too

 by Zed in April 8, 2020

Hello Blaine, Melody is not a game made by us, so no :)

 by Dorian Duka in April 9, 2020

Wow absolutely love the content as always!! Can't wait for the next episode!!

 by Zed in April 11, 2020

Glad you’re looking forward to it!

 by Abhijith in April 15, 2020

When will Ep 11 be free?? Waiting for a long time...

 by Anonymous in April 18, 2020

When will ep 11 come out for free

 by Phil in May 2, 2020

When will ep11 be out for free?

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