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This month’s $20 bonus scene is different from the ones we’ve done before. It’s a scene that takes place in the classroom, with all the girls and the teacher present. However, that doesn’t stop the main character from “having fun” with each girl. As the action is taking place with one, the others are watching intently, and impatiently awaiting their turn.

Needless to say, a lot of research material this month for $20 patrons.

Previews from the next episode coming soon too!

This special $20 bonus will be released on Patreon at the end of February!


 by ditcher in February 22, 2020

oh my god !!!! really , this story is going to be very interesting in 12,13... episodes!!! After 11th episode i can't wait for 12th one. so good work @zed i can see your diligence and hard work (mainly i really enjoyed the story-line well as special scenes i hope you understand the special means XD).

 by Jester in February 23, 2020

Hey I have a question about patreon, sent an email in but haven't got a response. Just wondering is the patreon cost in my local currency or does it show in USD. Just trying to figure out before I join

 by popalsfs in April 5, 2020

Will this scene published anytime for free or for normal patreons? And in which episode is the scene featured?

 by Zed in April 8, 2020

Hello, the $20 bonus stuff is not released for free or to $10 patrons.

 by Eddy in August 28, 2020

Will it ever be released for free to us anytime soon?!

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