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A nice preview of a scene with Morgan if you want to go that route in the game!

We haven’t published any previews from DH Ep 12 on Patreon so far this month, which some of you have commented on and requested. We did do a stream where quite a few work-in-progress images were shown, but since you wanted previews here, we’re only happy to oblige.

The reason we’ve been quiet here on Patreon is that we do not want to spoil anything from this episode, so we have to be very careful what to show. I guess the above image is sort of a spoiler, but it’s of course an optional route, which you are probably accustomed to at this point. I suppose another thing I can say is that Morgan’s character development is quite spectacular in this episode.

If there’s time, we’ll post more previews!

Double Homework – Episode 12 will be released to patrons at the end of this month!


 by Spud in February 26, 2020

Finally Morgan's path is getting some love. Can't wait for that episode.

 by justaname in February 27, 2020

did mc bought a car? or is it just a cab?

 by Damo in February 27, 2020

Please release the episode today

 by Zed in February 28, 2020

It'll be released at the end of the month like always, it's already a shorter month than normal!

 by Rrr in February 27, 2020

Finally more of Morgan! :)

 by Zed in February 28, 2020

She's a beauty!

 by Caleb in February 27, 2020

Honestly, the only thing left I would like to see/get would be a Footjob from Johanna.

 by TydraJ in February 28, 2020

Did I miss sex with Amy??? I played 11 episodes... can someone help? Thanks!

 by Jol in May 28, 2020

I think you need to date her in her studio, then agree to go to the theater with her ask her to help you pick the food with you then in the jacouzzi she will come to you and you will have the choice to have sex or not.

 by mskn01 in March 5, 2020

Hell yeah! I've been waiting for something to happen with Morgan for so long. Can't wait for this.

 by Craven in March 23, 2020

Really like Amy and Morgan they are the best two characters IMO.Am here to give you props on making the perfect absolutely hateable villian character in Dennis.He is the very definition of weasel that you want to kill and his appearance is dead on perfect.

 by quiston in March 31, 2020

Footstuff from morgan would be the best thing on earth

 by ztjdtzjhhnfghnrztf in June 3, 2020


 by ztjdtzjhhnfghnrztf in June 3, 2020

Please do some footstuff.

 by VAL in December 10, 2020

Isn't there an oppotunity with Rachel in this episode. Impossible to see it again...

 by Ricky in December 10, 2020

There is a scene with Rachel in Ep12 but it depends on your previous choices. You can try to use the variable editor to tweak your choices and get it:

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