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Right screenshot is from Episode 13, coming this month!

I bet a lot of you legends remember the first image to the left. It was made over a year ago when we planned Double Homework. It was shown here, and we even used it as a banner for a while.

To the right is a screenshot from this month’s episode. I’m not going to reveal what happens obviously, but I think it’s pretty cool that we can now in Episode 13 expand upon the original scene, and explore the original premise of the game.

You know what that means if you play the episodes and understand them like we intend. We do it our way, like always. 

With this scene, we have now gone full circle with an image from a scene posted about 1 ½ years ago. That’s pretty cool. And with the risk of sounding presumptuous, we did pretty okay, and you have a lot to look forward too.

Double Homework – Episode 13 will be released on Patreon at the end of March!

Thank you and much love,


 by John Smith in March 14, 2020

How many episodes are expected to be in double homework?

 by djohnnyroomservice in March 14, 2020

yeah thats a good question

 by Zed in March 16, 2020

No number set right now, I’m sure the team have a rough idea but it won’t be announced until nearer the time!

 by Truesdale in March 15, 2020

Man, I feel soooo good with those previews. For sure I could play this game forever xD

 by Jay in March 18, 2020

Hey mate, got an issue when I try to load this on different browsers: Firefox - Message saying 'failed to compile vertex shader' and a failure to further load the game. Chrome - Loads very slowly, and with a lower-than-optimal visual quality and framerate.

 by Zed in March 19, 2020

We are aware of this issue. Sadly, it’s not in our hands. There is an issue with the new Firefox update that causes this, it’ll be fixed in the next Firefox update. In terms of Chrome, the game should run fine. Please read the instructions in the post, if not, head over to Discord and we'll try our best to help!

 by Daniel in March 19, 2020

WELCOME. This it end 1 Season Double Homework or Series Over

 by Zed in March 22, 2020

It has not yet been decided when Double Homework will end, this is not the final episode!

 by Ezio in April 9, 2020

Wann kommen Folge 11,12 und 13 kostenlos raus?

 by Steve smith in June 18, 2020

When will the next episode come out

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