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Double Homework Ep13 preview #3: Nemesis

We love him, you hate him. I think that’s basically an accurate summary when it comes to Dennis, He’s pretty much COVID-19; showing up when you least expect it and takes a while to take root. (Hope you got toilet paper).

I guess a lot of you think Dennis is dealt with. His character-arch is done, right? Wrong. You need to get to learn him a bit more if you think that. Does he ever give up? We all know what he’s after. Will he get it? Remains to be seen…

Looking forward to the “hate Dennis comments” below by the way…

Double Homework – Episode 13 will be released on Patreon at the end of March!

More previews to come!
Thank you so much you legends <3


 by John Smith in March 18, 2020

I don't hate dennis, I just think he's an over the top bond-esque villain. I mean the drug filled boat just came outta nowhere. Is he also gonna have a doom fortress with a shark tank?

 by Daniel in March 19, 2020

I hope , that Dennis died in 13 episode or in Future i F**k you Dennis.

 by Spud in March 20, 2020

Why did you change the picture?

 by Zed in March 22, 2020

The team thought this one was better! :)

 by Devvy in March 23, 2020

Like I would actually pay to see Dennis die. Why isn't he dead yet. Please tell me he dies at the end of this story. Like kill his a**. You would make the world a better place. I best even Covid would go away if he died.

 by Aiden in April 13, 2020

Is swearing not allowed on this blog?

 by Aiden in April 13, 2020

Bruh, is swearing really not allowed on this cristian blog?

 by Dean in July 2, 2020

I love this Game!!! i hope you release episode 13 for free (: i played up to episode 12 so i'm waiting for episode 13

 by Dean in July 2, 2020

My most favorite character is Lauren, she is so beautiful I just hope they release episode 13 for free soon!

 by Dean in July 2, 2020

But seriously please release episode 13 for free ASAP (:

 by Dean in July 2, 2020

This game is soo addicting, I can't get enough of it!

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