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Oh boy! We obviously couldn’t implement Lily in this game, but this Asian gal definitely knows what she wants, and it shows in this scene together with Lauren. You’re in a for a special treat this month! I actually wish we could show more than one image of her so you could take a closer look at this beauty, but $20 platinum patrons will have to wait a little over a week for this scene.

In addition to this, we will of course also include all images from the episode and cheat codes, as usual.

You have a lot to look forward to this month legends!
And a huge thank you for supporting us at this level!

This scene will be released to $20 patrons at the end of March!

Click here to download the full HD image!


 by Fruu in March 23, 2020

Will the new character become part of the main story or just a “bonus” material? :)

 by Majszkrem in March 24, 2020

I had the same question...

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