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There are certainly a lot of images I wanna show you legends from this episode. There is also a lot of stuff I want to talk about regarding what’s happening on the engine-side, and Steam, and the future. That will currently have to wait.

For now, I just want to share another of my favorite images from a particular scene in this episode, which is of course coming this month. Although I’ve shown a few images from this scene before, keep in mind the episode is long, and you’ll likely love the other content too.

At the same time, we’re working on the $20 bonus scene, which will introduce a new character (who we are visually still working on). The scene happens with the MC very much “involved”, of course. Basically, all of you $20 patrons have a lot to look forward too! More from that scene, and the next March episode of Double Homework might be previewed if you guys want it.

We sincerely hope you guys are well and are staying safe. After all, this is just adult entertainment; not life or death. Take care of yourself, and of each other, like the three above.

Double Homework – Episode 13 will be released on Patreon at the end of March!


 by Viviyan in March 26, 2020

Zed, You guys are doing great job!!! Hope you guys are safe during this pandemic!!! I have a small request, if possible can you release episodes bit early for everyone. Cuz I guess this can be the best during social distancing request.....!!! Anyways take care guys!!!! Cheers!!!!

 by Viviyan in March 26, 2020

By the way forget to mention...Amazing pic...can't wait for episode....🤩

 by Zed in March 27, 2020

Hey Viviyan, hope you're keeping safe too! I'm sure the team would love to be able to release earlier but with monthly releases they have to take as much time as they possibly can to make each episode good. The schedule has to stay the same in terms of development! Glad you're looking forward to the next episode, we're looking forward to you playing it!

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