by A in April 12, 2020

That’s cool and all but what episode 11 free?

 by Truesdale in April 13, 2020

Johanna reminds me Heidi in this photo. Don’t u guys feel the same. Doesn’t really matter, I like both of them! xD Oh and, thanks for the game btw <3

 by Joe D Cudaback in April 15, 2020

Not getting that vibe at all

 by Zed in April 17, 2020

Both beautiful redheads, can see why! :D

 by Rayvenrock in April 13, 2020

Will episodes 11 to 13 be free soon?

 by Gonzo in April 13, 2020

Why is it every time a preview is shown there has to be people immediately harping on the free releases? They will release the free episodes when they release the free episodes. I think we're up to...10? Either way, here's the 'when' answer to your question: Eventually. Enjoy the game, if you want them earlier become a paid patreon member. Otherwise asking them that every time is just low brow and insulting. They're working on it, it'll be out eventually, there. That's your answer.

 by DesktopMasterRace in April 13, 2020

Are you guys planning on releasing double homework as a desktop game? If so,when do you think you'll be able to release it? If not, then why not?

 by hahafaptime in April 16, 2020

i want 11 episode free i need to fap :)

 by Aiden in April 16, 2020

Truly a man of culture

 by Majszkrem in April 16, 2020

Haha peepee go brrr

 by Vendicatore in April 17, 2020

Birthday is in 3 days aha episode 11 better come out by then that would be a great present

 by Zed in April 19, 2020

No set date just now, I hope you have a wonderful birthday! :)

 by Pathetic follower in April 21, 2020

I just lost hope for releasing episode 11 Before releasing I am going to die due to coronavirus Hope for the best

 by your friend pedro in April 22, 2020

i thought that episode 11 would come out on easter but now im losing hope im w8ing so long now

 by Majszkrem in April 22, 2020

They're skipping a month every once in a while

 by hornymf223 in April 22, 2020

bruh this is annoying at this point just release 11 i need to beat my meat

 by Aiden in April 23, 2020

Truly the bruhest of the moments

 by Silva in April 23, 2020

I swear the day I don't check to see if it's out yet will be the day it comes out.

 by Zed in May 2, 2020

We always announce it on Discord or Social Media straight away, make sure you have notifications for them on :)

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