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Greetings you absolute legends! 

We hope you are well and staying safe.

This month’s visual bonus scene for $20 patrons expands upon what happened at the end of the latest episode. We really can’t get enough of these two redheads! And as usual, we will also include all images from the upcoming episode, and cheat codes. A lot of eye candy coming right up!

Take care, and talk to you again very soon.

This scene will be released to $20 patrons at the end of April!


 by Pathetic Follower in April 26, 2020


 by Rachel's Mom Fan in April 26, 2020

Just finished ep 12 and 13 - the moment I saw Rachel's mom, I was thinking about going straight to the comment section and asking for much more of her. What a stunner! Luckily you started to add more of her already in ep 13, and simply cannot wait for more. Really enjoyed getting into more depth and learning about each character's back story. It would be great if you could also zoom in on Rachel, she has so much untaped potential on top of just being an anthlete. Maybe something spicy with her mom? ;) Great work!!

 by Rachel's Mom Fan in April 26, 2020

Forgot to add, the last scene in ep 13... !! WOW

 by Zed in May 2, 2020

Glad you enjoyed it! :)

 by Name in April 27, 2020

Dirtydan just wait no need to get mad cuz u can't beat ur meat

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