by Pathetic Follower in May 1, 2020

LOL...ultimate... all of them waiting for next free episode...BUT?? I think you guys delaying it due t pandemic.. and trying to increse ur patrons hope it worked...!:) and from the followers who are all playing free they all are frustrated including me? BIG FAT DISAPPONTMENT!!!!!!! :( :(

 by Name in May 1, 2020

Just wait it's their job they need to make money and that's why they wait a Lil before releasing it for free so more peaple will buy it I think

 by Aandred in May 1, 2020

This is a nice story, girls r pretty and its easy to like them, but still... Excitement after playing first episodes in a row has long gone, when waiting weeks/ months to release next eps, and u realize, that u can pay a value (multiplied by month subscr.) of a full game, like The Witcher for ex., to get quite cheesy story in 20 minute parts, 1-2 choice options and few porn static pictures. I don't think these guys can afford living with that money afterall, they have some other normal jobs, or it wouldn't take so long to create next episodes. Or maybe i just misunderstood the meaning of free game concept? :D

 by Pissed Off in May 1, 2020

I know they have to wait a little before releasing it for free. That is how they make money after all. But it has been over a month and a half for feck's sake without a new episode. No one is going to go buy a subscription just to see episode 11. Release it for free already. There are so many people waiting. This is getting really annoying,

 by Kean in August 8, 2020

Such a great story I love this kind of 3d animated games hope to play it for longer as i wait for the free version every month😃

 by Mark in May 1, 2020

If I buy patreon, do I get previous episodes and bonuses also?

 by Zed in May 2, 2020

Yes, you get all previous things in that tier!

 by Fruu in May 1, 2020

Finally a girl in stockings, been waiting for a long time for that simple pleasure! Would be nice to see it on another girl. ;)

 by Hope in May 1, 2020

I just don't want to be an ass Just release it soon... I'm tired of you guys😒

 by Lul in May 1, 2020

as usual will skip a month or two without releasing the free version.. they will ignored and delete ur comment

 by Zed in May 2, 2020

As you can see, I don't delete any comments unless they're extremely offensive. So your claim about deleting comments regarding free releases is very incorrect.

 by Aidan in May 2, 2020

I get we are in a pandemic rn, and you guys need to make money. But a lot of people have been waiting a long time JUST FOR EPISODE 11 to be released for free. Please do a favor for the people who can’t afford a patreon subscription. PLEASE

 by Lee in May 2, 2020

So many entitled people here, lol. Just be thankful for what you're getting for free. I sure am.

 by Aiden in May 2, 2020

We truly live in a society

 by Somebody in May 2, 2020

Im sorry to say this to the team, they have been working even in these dark times, I hope you're all great and healthy rn. For us who play the game for free it is really a pleasure and we're very thankful for everything. I hope you will take to consideration that your work is adored and not thrown out. I just have a request...at least tell us the date of the release please. Thank u💛

 by happy user in May 3, 2020

love seeing regular updates from you guys even though i'm not a patreon looking forward to the rest of the episodes being slowly released - it's like a netflix series but interactive! keep up the good work, can't wait to get started on DFD next

 by the g in May 3, 2020

dude you are acknowledging everything except for the fact that you havent posted a free episode in almost 2 months. come on bro whats good :/

 by Zed in May 4, 2020

There's only so many times I can acknowledge the exact same message, I've replied the same thing over and over. As I've said countless times we don't put timings on free release, no set dates for the exact reason of timing varies each month.

 by David Kearney in May 4, 2020

Another Good Episode Zed! I hope there are plans for letting us actually spend the night w/ Amy...definitely my fav girl.

 by Zed in May 4, 2020

Glad you enjoyed it David!

 by A patient one in May 4, 2020

Not gonna lie, if I was Zed I'd straight up delay intentionally for every time someone bitched about the free releases. You guys are so ungrateful, especially now in this time when people are struggling just be patient and chill for Christ's sake it'll come when it does and complaining won't make it happen any faster.

 by Jason in May 8, 2020

Keep up the great work!

 by Zed in May 8, 2020

Hope you enjoyed it Jason! :)

 by T F Weavet in May 19, 2020

Thank you. I am very glad, whoever created this series did, there are a few options I want to talk to you about, but it doesn't matter. In reality I cannot help pay for your services, a d for that I am truly sorry for you are truly artists.

 by Zed in May 19, 2020

No need to apologise! I’m glad you enjoy it

 by David in July 20, 2020

Can you post a free one

 by Marno in July 24, 2020

I am so glad this series has gotten this far and also thank you Zed for releasing this for free and I hope you stay safe during quarantine

 by Zed in July 24, 2020

Glad you're enjoying, stay safe too!

 by BloodBound in July 25, 2020

So when will this be free?

 by Zed in July 29, 2020

No ETA right now.

 by HELION in July 27, 2020

I'm 72 years old and love this game. I cannot become a patron, so I'm grateful for the free episodes whenever they come. They make me laugh a lot and also they tickle me. Keep the good work, you guys are great!

 by Johanes in July 29, 2020

I am have free

 by Daniel in July 30, 2020

Why haven't they put it up for free?

 by Zed in August 3, 2020

Because we not long released 13 for free..

 by FrankFurtz in August 15, 2020

Love the story wish i could see the rest of it for free though.

 by Robert William in August 22, 2020

It's been a month since you guys released ch13 , now it's time for ch14 Do it quick

 by MaTim in August 26, 2020

Please releas it for free! Its awesome!

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