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Hello you absolute legends!

I won’t spoil what the outcome is of them trying… A very, very interesting visual and erotic bonus scene coming this month for the $20 patrons! And as usual, we will also include all images from this month’s episode, as well as cheat codes. A lot of research material coming this month for you guys. Seriously, a lot.

Next preview will be about DH Ep15 coming to patrons this month.

We hope you are well and are staying safe!


 by Duut in May 17, 2020

Oh yaass, Rachel and mom combo! Probably as anticipated as the twin duo. ;)

 by Truesdale in May 18, 2020

Hey Z, tell me something: "A lot of research material coming this month for you guys. Seriously, a lot." With that, u mean only patreons or we all can expect something?! Btw, this game is awesome, becoming better ep after ep. Thanks for everything guys, and take care!

 by Zed in May 19, 2020

Hey! Palmer was talking about this months patron content and specifically the $20 bonus for this month. Thank you for the support and take care! :)

 by Aiden in May 19, 2020

Ahh yes, very important research, just don´t let my wife hear about it

 by asdasd in May 18, 2020

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 by Chris in May 20, 2020

SO I have a quick question... I recently went from the 10$ patron up to 20$ the bonus scenes yall have put into DH, are there any of those in DFD as well? Stay safe and keep up the super good work

 by Zed in May 22, 2020

Hey! Yes, from chapter 13 onward! If you check Discord links, they're all linked there :)

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