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Greetings you absolute legends!

A lot of people on our Discord have asked us why we’ve released so few previews this month. The answer is a bit complicated. 

First of all, the last episode was in a lot of ways quite heavy story wise, and a lot of questions were raised that we now have to delve deeper into. 

Since a lot of important and awesome story elements will take place in this, and future episodes, it’s kind of hard to post a proper preview without spoiling anything.

I also don’t want to go into, or even hint at what’s going to happen when it comes to the different character arcs in DH Ep15. I guess I can say this: It’s the hardest episode we’ve ever written. There are a lot of puzzle pieces that need to fit together, and we have a little over 4 weeks to make it happen. But it’s looking absolutely awesome so far, and development is progressing really well.  

So, since I won’t say anything about the story line, here are at least two awesome images (attached to the post if you want to download them) from the next episode coming this month to patrons

Oh, and you awesome $20 patrons, don’t forget to check out what you are getting this month. It’s f-cking hot. Seriously.

As always, we hope you are well and staying safe.

Preview 1 HD | Preview 2 HD


 by Dru in May 26, 2020

O.O the build up was well worth it, can’t wait..

 by Truesdale in May 27, 2020

Oh man, this ep will be HUGE, don't want to think about it, I will just wait to play when it's done. Oh and one more thing: If you guys are having trouble with time, then take your time guys, the important thing about this is the team being healthy AND doin' a good job (and the second one is good so far). Sure, it's boring to wait some time, but in the future when it's released already, ppl will not say anything about time, just about how good the game is. Thank you for the hard work guys, and take care. ;)

 by Zed in May 28, 2020

Thank you for the kind comment! :)

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