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Greetings you absolute legends!

Before posting more previews of the next episode of Double Homework, I figured I’d share some concept images of one of the ideas we have for another game. You might recognize the style from before as we’ve shown one or two other images prior to this post. This particular idea is obviously quite different from DH, and a lot darker. Would be awesome to read your guys feedback on this dystopian look!

Just something cool to show you guys!

We’ll see you soon with previews from Double Homework before its release at the end of the month. And as always, stay safe and take care of each other. 


 by Aiden in June 26, 2020

Honestly, these ideas and concepts look really awesome, I honestly can't wait to see where you guys are going to take us on this next story

 by Kishan in June 26, 2020

More like city of broken dreamers

 by EEWW in June 27, 2020

While I love the Sci-Fi genre, it does takes a lot work to come up with a good story, interesting gampley, and attractive females (the one above looks more cool / interesting than attractive). If you do make it work it would be fantastic, just worried about the time and level of commitment needed - making a fun and sexy feel-good game with less realistic art is already difficult! Best of luck if you do take on this challenge!

 by Jason in June 28, 2020

Is it gonna be like a 3D free roam kind of game, or where you get to pick which sentence you are saying (like DH and DFD)

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