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Lot’s of eye-candy in this episode! We can’t go into anything related to the story as we feel that would partially spoil the episode. But I guess it’s better to show some goodies compared to showing nothing 🙂  

Oh, and $20 patrons, don’t forget to check out what you are getting this month!

We’ll see you soon with the release of the episode and the bonus content! 

Dev team


 by SSD in June 30, 2020

Looks like a chance to progress and bond with each girl, great! Johanna looks cute as always, and will be nice to spend some time with Morgan. Hope for some action with more mature ladies as well. ;)

 by kite in July 1, 2020

please also give attention to release episodes 13, 14 for free...

 by Dean in July 7, 2020

ya i'm waiting for episode 13 to come out (:

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