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Game Release

Our new favorite episode (I know I say that quite often!) Please leave constructive feedback on Discord if you can. We’d truly appreciate it.

Patreon members can play here now!

$20 patrons get a lot this month, including an awesome threesome, all images from the episode, as well as cheatcodes.

Check it out here!


 by David Kearney in July 2, 2020

Good Episode Zed. I assume hooking up w/ multiple girls in-game will eventually bite me in the ass but oh well.

 by Adler in July 3, 2020

As always, thanks for the episode. Maybe is just me, but the game is getting boring. Hope it changes on future releases.

 by David Kearney in July 5, 2020

It's definitely not just you. For some reason, I agree that the plot is starting to lose its appeal.

 by Zed in July 8, 2020

Sorry to hear that you guys feel this way, we hope you start to enjoy it again!

 by Generic user in July 4, 2020

Hey zed when is another free episode gonna release

 by Zed in July 8, 2020

Hey! No ETA right now, keep an eye out :)

 by Aiden in July 6, 2020

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 by Kylian in July 7, 2020

Plz,Anyone make a guide about this game

 by Zed in July 8, 2020

We haven't got an official one, but the variable editor may help point some things out!

 by john in July 9, 2020

How many more episodes are there going to be

 by Zed in July 11, 2020

We haven’t announced that or fully decided yet, but the team do have a rough idea.

 by Bachlee in July 15, 2020

I've replayed 3 times :) and I hope that the game will be more interesting and free sooner. But hey Zed plz don't make anything like pregnancy in the game. I dont wanna get stuck in such problems. Thanks for the storyline, hope u stay strong!!!

 by Max in October 10, 2020

When will episode 15 and above be releases to free users?

 by Aden in December 3, 2020

will 16,17,18, and 19 be free? and if yes when?

 by Ricky in December 3, 2020

They will. No defined date.

 by Aden in December 8, 2020

thanks zed i hope they come really soon i really loveeee these games my fav characters are tamara and amy

 by aden in December 8, 2020

sorry i meant ricky

 by aden in December 10, 2020

plz plz plz make them free soon

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