by Antony in August 2, 2020

Hi there, so no matter how many Turks I try I get to the end of the episode and when I start to watch the video from Dennis’s hard drive I see Danielle and the screen goes blank so have nobodies what happens in dr Morley’s office, can you please rectify it at what’s explain the ending as when I skip the scene it’s the end of the episode haha.

 by Zed in August 3, 2020

Hey Antony, if you're still having issues please head over to bug-reports or game-help on our Discord!

 by sasikumar sasikumar in October 6, 2020

I whant play with game i am very interested

 by shad in January 11, 2021

Hi, I hope this gets noticed, Will Episode 17 be released for free? I have played the series for a couple of weeks now, And I just finished Episode 16, I hope I can finish the series someday because I do not have enough cash to subscribe on Patreon

 by Zed in January 12, 2021

Hey! I hope you enjoyed the game so far, yes Episode 17 will be released for free. We don't set release dates in advance to avoid disappointment, but please keep an eye out!

 by someone in February 5, 2021

i've been waiting over six months for this, are you still gonna release it for free?

 by Zed in February 6, 2021

Yes we are!

 by shad in February 8, 2021

This is so good to know! Yes, I did enjoy the game. Apologies for the late response, Thank you for releasing this game for free for poor gamers like me! :D

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