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We have during the past two months shown you a few screenshots from the two game ideas we’re working on. We have not decided if we are going to make none, one, or both of them.

The games are of course different, which is why we’d truly appreciate it if you can take a look at both trailers, read more about them, and then vote on your favorite here!

Cyberpunk/Dystopian game: (First video)
Crime/Noire game: (Second video)


 by Viviyan in August 10, 2020

Crime/Noir looks really cool Guys...!!! An amazing crime thriller.....I would love to play crime game... Cyberpunk also looks great....I would also love to play future gen. game.... Hope so will get to play both of the game...Soon!!!!!

 by Zed in August 11, 2020

Glad you like the look of them! :)

 by Tim in August 10, 2020

To be honest there are in both games potential, but i liked the cyberpunk the most but that is just my taste and it is different than others. Conclusie: you should make both the games but afther each other

 by Zed in August 11, 2020

Thanks for the feedback Tim, glad you like the look of them!

 by Tex in August 11, 2020

Both look great, but the Crime/Noir one is definitely my favorite.

 by Renato in August 11, 2020

Hello, first of all i would like to take a moment to appreciate the games that you guys make, I'm your fan since DFD ep. 2. About the games i loved, loved the trailers there are some game studios with more reputation that doesn't give trailers with this quality. Anyway since you asked about our opinion I'm going to address an issue that i found that for me is what differs one from another. On the first trailer we don't get an idea about the purpose of the game, on the second one we have that idea. The second one was a CSI kinda feeling or LA Noire but the first one we don't have any idea whatsoever of what the objective of the game is. With all that said i still choose the android lady game because it may bring something that we didn't saw before in any game, on the other hand the second game already have some similar out there. P.S: I'm sorry for the extended reply. Keep up the good work

 by nowhere414 in August 11, 2020

loved both of these especially the crime one :). Just hoping for a more frequent free release in these and DH. fingers crossed XD. Love all you stuff nonetheless!

 by Gonzo in August 12, 2020

Would definitely say the Cyberpunk theme side. Though the storyline isn't entirely clear not only is it a bit more showy, and gives you guys the chance to really go nuts with the artwork/settings/visuals, since Cyberpunk 2077 is releasing this november it also can help draw others in to your game that may not know about it, or be on the fence. Is it a copy? Not at all. You guys may design similar styles, may even draw inspiration from trailers or screenshots, but it will be a unique game AND get you some free publicity with the upcoming CD Projekt Red release. Go Team Cyberpunk!

 by Rofl in August 17, 2020

Both look really amazing.

 by Perry Kennard in August 19, 2020

when is ep. 14 coming out for free

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