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Greetings you absolute legends!

We are about to reach the end of Double Homework (not in the episode coming later this month though, but very soon). After DH we’ll instead work on two projects simultaneously and are looking for talented DAZ artists and writers to join our ranks for this purpose.

I’ll post more about this at a later date. For now, let’s have a sneak peek at this month’s DH. Note that the images of each girl (except for Jo and Tam) in this post are not in their proper context, but strictly for preview purposes to give you something to look forward too without spoiling anything.

This episode is especially important in a lot of ways that I can’t really get into here without spoiling the content. If you played the last episode, you at least already know where this episode will take place, and what the MC faces.

Throughout the process of dealing with his past, Johanna and Tamara have constantly been there for him, but so have the other girls. Which one you focused on was of course completely up to you, and will matter and show in this, and future content.

This month’s bonus for the $20 patrons is freaking awesome too! We finally get a visual bonus scene with the MC, Rachel, and Rachel’s mom!  


 by Koon in August 20, 2020

Amazing can't wait till the next free one!!!

 by Dev in August 20, 2020

When would you be releasing the next free one episode

 by Drew in August 20, 2020

Would be amazxing if you could include Ms. Walsh among the routes.. ;)

 by Anonymous in August 22, 2020

Just a polite question, when will Ep 14 be released for free? Thanks, hope to get a reply.

 by Robert William in August 22, 2020

Morgan is hot and dominating , it would be great if you put some kinky sex with her , wanna watch her banged hard

 by Zed in August 26, 2020

She’s rather hot indeed!

 by Free User Since DFD 5 in August 24, 2020

Zed, Hope you are doing good!!! Budd can you atleast confirm if we will get free episode this month or not. We will be fine with next month as well . I know you guys don't decide any particular dates, but atleast give some idea about when we will be getting it free. This is the second time this year when you guys don't release any free ep😔

 by Hola in August 24, 2020


 by Zed in August 26, 2020

We release all our games for free.

 by Aiden in August 24, 2020

By god! Two games simultaneously, can already imagine the workload you guys will be going through, but the content increase will be great for us. I'm really excited for the future and I'm glad to see the company growing and becoming more popular, you guys deserve it

 by Zed in August 26, 2020

Glad you’re looking forward to it!

 by Greg Heffley in August 26, 2020

Hey Zed: I hope everything is okay with you. I am wondering why you are ignoring us and the simple question we are asking if you will release Ep. 14? Thanks!

 by Rodrick Heffley in August 28, 2020

Hey brother, could you stop being horny on the comments? Otherwise I'm gonna have to tell mom about it

 by Zed in August 31, 2020

Hi Greg, sorry you feel I’m ignoring you. You have to understand how many times we receive and answer that question, I reply to many of them but after a while it looks repetitive on the blog. The answer never changes, we release them when we can and don’t have a set schedule. It’s now been released so check the blog! :)

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