by Azza in August 27, 2020

I swear nobody better say"but what about the next free one" all of you begging for the free ones should just shut up and wait like the rest of us. Its still going to be free when it is released so just wait its that simple!

 by Tim in August 27, 2020

That is so true

 by Gordon Remsay in August 28, 2020

But what about the next free one were all w8n for is that going to be delayd to (just a question btw iv got respect) so i wont ask why or anything

 by Cata in September 12, 2020

Can anyone tell us how much longer will the new episode be delayed? It's already the 12th? Just wondering. You said it will be slightly delayed. It seems more than slightly.

 by Roman Torchwick in September 13, 2020

I'm starting to think there's just not going to be one this month, since we're already halfway through. If there is no new chapter in this coming week, then I'd have to say only next month, which realistically speaking is going to throw the entire Patreon system out of whack as well since the Patreon will be delayed and September's Patrons will have to get November's episode since August Patrons will be getting October's, etc.

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