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We are looking to hire at least one more DAZ artist to join our ranks for two new game developments. As our current game series Double Homework is reaching its conclusion, we will begin developing two completely new game ideas simultaneously (concepts below). This is something we are really looking forward to and want to get started with as soon as possible.

In order to do this, we are obviously looking for at least one more artist with exceptional skill in DAZ for renders resembling the concepts attached to this post, and Photoshop for postwork. 

A few quick notes:
All of our developers have the option of working another job too should they want to, even though all current devs work with us full time. We take pride in paying our developers more than fairly. Access to a mic is preferred since all meetings are done via Discord, but you are not under any obligation to voice chat with us. You will have to be available on Discord.

Furthermore, you need to be great at:
– DAZ and Photoshop
– Working within a team
– Following a deadline 

It is obviously preferable if you have done work like this before, but more specifically, you need to send or link anything you have rendered that follows the above guidelines. 

Payment is discussed individually after we have seen your work, but you will be paid on a monthly basis. Development to start asap.

We are currently developing two game ideas. I have included concepts of both games below. If you are interested in working with us, please email [email protected] with your previous work, which game, if any specific, you are interested in, and answers to any of the other questions raised in this post. Just keep in mind that it might take me a few days to respond due to the upcoming release of DH Ep 18.

Looking forward to welcoming you!

Stay foxy, much love.

Game Idea 1: Dystopian/Cyberpunk
Trailer here:

Game Idea 2: Noir/Crime 


 by Casey Johnson in September 1, 2020

If only I had experience with PhotoShop. Ive used DAZ as a hobby and have some posts up there but not a decently stable machine to do it as a job. Man this is almost a golden opurtunity for me. ~puddlejumper6999

 by Anonymous in September 10, 2020

I am not sure if she’s what you guys need, but you could check @ne_po_trebstva. This is a private account, though

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