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Game Release

Episode 18 is finally out for $10/$20 patrons! This is the most complex episode we’ve ever done. It’s also the longest in terms of writing and images. Go here to play!

$20 patrons get a ton of material this month! A visual bonus scene with the MC and Rachel and her mom, over 260 images, and cheat codes. Claim it here!

We hope you enjoy this episode and look forward to Episode 19!


 by Ryan in September 20, 2020

So how do August patrons go about getting this?

 by Palmer in September 25, 2020

I sent it to them right after release.

 by Terry in September 20, 2020

The scenes are amazing, it really shows the level of thought and work that the team has put in it. Great work - not surprised it took longer than usual. The ending... Personally I hated it and it sucked out all the joy I had after the J&T scene..

 by Zed in September 21, 2020

Happy you enjoyed it! ☺️

 by Palmer in September 25, 2020

Wait for a full explanation to the ending in the next episode. I feel your hatred is misplaced currently :)

 by Lyro in September 20, 2020

how do August patrons go about getting this?

 by Zed in September 21, 2020

You should receive an email via your Patreon inbox!

 by Palmer in September 25, 2020

I sent it to them right after release.

 by CanReis1456 in September 23, 2020

The ending... it fucked up my all week.

 by t'chala in September 24, 2020

looks like aint getting a free episode this month again

 by Moren in October 6, 2020

When is the next one coming

 by Zed in October 6, 2020

It will be announced on Patreon :)

 by Z in October 11, 2020

hey zed will we get the free cheat codes this time?

 by Ember Smith in October 25, 2020

when will the DH Episode 19 release? (when is the release date ?)

 by Zed in October 26, 2020

Hey! We hope to release it in November. Please read this important announcement if you're coming from Palmer's Patreon.

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